could it be you?


dave arc-i

lothian and borders police are on it over the G8 protests in edinburgh back in the summer

check this link out - its a bit like crime watch but i suppose as it was a hippie thing then grime watch might be more appropriate

the best bit for me is on this page though

Edinburgh and the officers who policed the events are still proud of the way it was facilitated."

i happen to read this as saying there are other places and police forces that have policed other demonstrations are therefore are NOT happy of the way those events were faciliated

mayday @ oxford circus anybody?


imperialist running-dog
Just think... one minute you're excercising your right to protest, the next minute your picture is on the net... and before you know it: 90 days inmprisonment without trial under the anti-terror laws.

In theory, anyway...


˙˙˙ƃuoɹʍ ǝuoƃ ǝlʞɔıʇ ɹɯ
perhaps this shows the way forward... with all these camera phones, we too can take vids/pics of misbehavin members of the OB, and those without ID and post them in the same way!

Sauce for the goose and all that :Smile3: