Could you help me find a certain style of Psy music?


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Hi all. Been a while! :Smile3:

I started a similar thread god knows how many years ago looking for the same thing but to no avail.

Long story short there's this specific style of quite fast, ravey, Psy/Electro/Bassline fusion stuff which, although it's super-cheesy, I absolutely love to play out. It seems like it was a flash in the pan fad among a few artists which didn't last more than a year or two. It's a far cry from your average bit o' Psytrance but every time I play this stuff out at the right sort of event the crowd absolutely lose the plot. I'd love to find some more.

So far I've only really heard of it being done by Eskimo/Megaband, Cycle Sphere, Switch and a track or two by Azax Syndrom.

These two tracks are probably the best examples of what I'm getting at.