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Ok, I've just 'acquired' a P3 800mhz, twin scsi drive machine that hasn't hardly been used which was originally built for music but i think i'm going to press into service as a file/proxy server.

In poking around to see what components it had that might be useable in my main machine i found it was fitted with a Creamware Elektra 3-DSP soundcard. I've not even heard of these before so Googled it quickly and came across a site giving it such a poor review for the support and upgrade from creamware.

Has anyone any experience of creamware stuff, ideas where i might get drivers for XP, any information whatsoever, I think Scope is the software for it but not entirely sure, I'm sure it's got some kick to it due to the DSP chips and it is 96k

Check the Creamware site and look under Scope (I think I got the Home version) for some details
Yeah I've got a Creamware Pulsar card which is more recent I'd guess, with 6 DSP. They're great, but I never heard of the elektra...
The software is called Scope Fusion Platform or SFP and there is version 4.0 now and runs on XP. If your card is anything like the current ones then for the copy protection you will need to know the registration key when you try to run it the first time. You might have to email Creamware and tell them you have this card (and its serial number) so they can send you the registration key. Currently it will presumably be registered to someone else.

hmm.. just checked the net and it looks like the elektra is a "special" version of a Luna type of card which is running the "modular" program - ie: a modular analog-synth type thing. So I don't know if it is capable of running any of the other things creamware devices can run such as synths and effects.

If I were you I would try searching old posts and asking around on which is the creamware forum

good luck
Actually I spent a bit of time on the site and i'm downloading the SCope 4.0 software and modularII, SFP and the sampler thingy all 3.1c. I've registered the hardware and got my reg key file already. Still not sure whether it's just a dsp sound module to run the modular software or whether it'll function as a soundcard as well but we'll soon find out i suppose.

I also got a Yamaha SW1000XG card. Is this going to be better than my Audigy or at least better supported by drivers? I was thinking of trying to run it alongside the Audigy as at the moment the Audigy services my i/o for TV/video and stereo system. I could then run the Yam and/or Elektra out to my monitors for music related stuff. Or am i asking for trouble running all these cards together?
hmmm.. sorry can't help you with your sound card question. I run everything (music, wav players, dvd sounds etc) through my creamware card - one rather nice trick is that in SFP you can insert any module in the path and process the output of your DVDs for eg. Also record any sound device directly into cubase etc.

good luck with your card! be cool if it's a full dsp card

deffinately use the XG1000(awesome in the right hands) over the audigy (they r not great), you'll have slightly improved sound quality and more, better quality on-board sounds.
But if you are getting a pulsar product use that, they all have gold plated analogue and spdif input/outputs not to mention 16 ADAT optical channels each way!!!! get an external ad/ad but not the creamware one (its £700 when you can get nearly the same job done for £200, but you lose 96kHz operation) and you got HIGH QUALITY balanced i/o with the d/a conversions done outdside of your pc, which is a very good thing.