creating the infamous 'kick'


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Ive been using sampled, preseted kick drums for a while now and really want to know how to make me own from scratch

Can anyone layout the basics to achieving a filthy-mallety kick

pritty please :lmao:

cheers esp john
ha - good luck!

I've been trying to sort this out for years

I will check out the tutorials tonight though - they look really good, cheers for that empty-1.

The real secret is practice, practice, and practice some more!
i still live by dr-008, very klike battery with its cells, but you can load in drum synths to the cells, and then use a kcik synth to tweak yer kick to how you want it!
A self oscillating filter/sine wave and an ADSR modulating the cut-off is all I need to make my kicks.
Set attack to fastest, and then play with the decay, sustain and the envelope's modulation amount parameters to get the desired kick sound.
Very subtle edits on the decay and sustain parameters change the sound loads. The decay parameter determines how fast the filter will sweep down. Longer decay times give you the old school sh-101 goa style kick, where you can actualy hear the sine's frequency seeping down... very similar to the kick that MWNN is known for using loads.
A very short decay time will yield tighter kicks. The sustain parameter sets the frequency where the filter's cut-off will hault, hence sustaining the sub for as long as you hold the key down. There you can use a digital sine wave that is tuned to your tune's root frequency and tune/modulate the filter's cut-off by an amount where the sustained sub is tuned to the root frequency of your bassline. It might sound a bit complicated but in practise it is very easy and much more expressive than dialing in Hz values and semitones. There is a lot of interesting rocking grooves that can be abtained with tuned kicks (to avoid the constant boring 16th bassline pattern). The release parameter will not affect the sound as long your VCA's/amp's release parameter is very short (it should be to have a tight kick).

You can get any kind of kick from this combination, from the full meaty 909 ones to the subby sustained 808 ones to the boxy, thin full on ones. Off course you can use a more complicated waveform from an oscillator instead of a self oscillating filter, but sine waves have no overtones and give the cleanest results.
You'll find that you can get great kicks without EQing them at all.
If you wanna have a dirty kick, simply over drive the patch at any input stage of your signal chain.

Peace out.