Crimbo Cruncher


Champagne Rouletter
Here is another new track fresh of the press.

A slice of darkness rattling by at 155bpm. Another fine selection of percussive grooviness to rinse those bass bins for your listening and dancing delectation.

I'm not going to put all of this online, just a taster - I have pretentious ideas about getting it released at some point and reckon that it might hurt its chances if it is out there online as a complete track

Anyhow, love to know what you all think of it especially production etc.

Apart from that, I hope you all have a cracking christmas :ismile: I know I will :Smile3:


ahahaha blimey forgot to put in the link :iredface:

Nice!! I really like the second've managed the hard task of writing a polytone bassline that doesn't sound israeli. The pads are also really decent, they add a really nice dark atmosphere and mix in really well with the samples.
The only aspects which I think don't meet the standard of the rest of the tune, are the hats and snare. They sound fairly typical whilst the rest of the tune is fresh and original. I'm not refering to the placement of the percussion but the actual samples which you have used, they sound a bit too 808 for me.
One other suggestion, maybe a bit more high pass squelch to add more of a psychedlic bite to it.

Can't comment on the sound quality because I'm listening through really shitty speakers!!

Keep up the good work :Smile3:


Champagne Rouletter
Cheers Psilo - Glad you enjoyed the track - you are absolutely right about the hats and snares - they came from a generic patch bank and everything else is hand rolled - I will look to improve them in this premaster mix of the track.

If it isn't to cheeky, did you like the spoken samples by the way? :Smile3:

But apart from that, merry christmas/solstice, hope you are having a phat one, :Smile3: and thanks for the feedback. I just got my first midi keyboard and am fucking well chuffed
Yeah I really like the spoken samples, especially the laughing...that is what I meant when I said about the pads mixing in with the samples.
Merry Christmas to you too!! :Smile3:


Champagne Rouletter
phew! glad you enjoyed the sample and the leads, the whole concept of the track was to develop ideas ie atonal becomes tonal and harmonic becomes melodic etc, because the whole thing is 'just a hallucination' :Wink3:

keyboards are amazing. I can see that it is going to take some getting used to but I'm off on a mission producing grimey D'n'b stuff with my new evolution jobby type thingy. Maybe I'll manage to get a few psy leads out of my new toy.



nice bass!
i like it, niceand fast, wibbly wobbly bass line, good structure, things coming in to pick it up in the right places :Smile3:
like the bass climb at 2.24 :Smile3: nice touch

*thumbs up*