Critique pls

Zen Cat

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Nice atmospherics. Cool little melodies. Would benefit from the kick being a little harder. Maybe add some high EQ to it so you get a 'click' when it hits.

Whilst the melodies and effects are really nice, it feels like the track never really builds. It's not particularly dancy and sometimes feels more like 80s electro than psytrance. The bassy sound in the background is nice and crisp, but it's louder than the kick. In fact, the kick seems to have dissapeared under the weight of all the other sounds....

You obviously know what you're doing technically and your delay effects and synth lines are all sweet... I guess it's the rhythm section that feels a little lacking.

Still, I really do like those melodies. There's a nice full sound to them.

I don't think the track needs to be any longer. You just need to have more definitition between the sections of the existing timeframe.

What software are you using? :ismile:

Good stuff :ismile:


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will get right on it!

The drums and perc need attension for some time but have been working on the synths for a while. also gunna look at the gated synths again while adding more atmospherics too.

There is always lots of the techie stuff to learn and have only done this for 2 months now so still a newbie.

thanks for listening and taking the time to reply.

cheers m8

Zen Cat

Shizzle to the Nizzle
That's a bloody good effort for someone who's new to this!

What setup are you using?

I've got some lovely crisp percussion samples you're welcome to use if you need them.


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Thanks that will be realy kewl.

Using reason for this tune as a kind of intro to the whole production thingy then hopefully onto cubase.

got a mini disk a year ago to get enviro sounds to put to music but still not got the mic yet .