Crystals and gems for sale online for pixies!!


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Hi there - my best mate and i have just launched our own crystal website: ''. I thought you lot would want to know about it - as it's designed by psychedelic beings for psychedelic beings...

Uvfi and me love crystals, and taking great piccies of them, and selling them at real cheap prices to folks who enjoy them too! Please check out
our site - which mainly has only natural and untampered-with specimens.
We also have lots of information about their properties/uses...

thanking you, and hoping you enjoy... xxx fi and lol xxx :Grin: :jump: :Grin:
Hello Ravers x

Hello, i'm Lol's best mate and we just wanted to let you know that we do small stalls of crystals for fluffy parties and festivals. if your interested. please get in touch x x x x
my friend has a quartz point with a bubble of air trapped in it- that moves around. how much is that worth?
water sometimes forms inside the crystal -- which would look like a little air bubble very rare but whether it's "worth" heaps as in $$$s, i dunno

nice site btw :P

heehee - yeah - water, and other clear liquids
get trapped inside quartz's sometimes, and a
few other types of crystals. They can get air bubbles
which act like spirit-levels in them. Called 'enhydro',
it is fairly rare, but not 'worth' alot more than it
is to the owner really, unless it's a phat crystal!
end of science lesson!.. x x x :Grin:

a mate of mine was terrified of enhydro crystals....
but they're great! (random comment!)
Hello FiLol,

I've had a look at your new website, and there are some very nice specimens there.

I too deeply love minerals and have my own collection - However, I come from a slightly different background since I have a geology degree and am therefore fascinated in how minerals are formed. I would be interested in working with you to try to determine whether the metaphysical properties of crystals are at all related to the way in which the crystal or mineral was formed.

Finally I was slightly disappointed not to find my all time fav mineral kyanite on your site - I have some wonderful specimens if you would like one.

Hey Guys,

Geology post!! WooHoo :Grin: !!! YAY!, Like Barrellshifter I too am a geologist, I finished my degree a couple of years back and now I actually work as a curator of a large mineral collection at a museum in London..So Peeps I actually live minerals, they are my life and work, thrown in with dancing and a nice splattering of psy.
oh dear .... :unsure:

I'm very science orientated and so I too would be interested in chatting to you guys about how you feel about crystal healing/spiritualism and that side of things aswell.

Long live the rock !!

thanx for the info.
its certainly worth a lot to my friend. she was told to look after it by a man in a skirt she met at Glastonbury! :Grin:

id like one too.
so if you come across one please pm me.
Sorry Jon

Hey Jon - sorry but as much as i love you and your big purple barstards - you ain't gettin me aqua marine x x x x x x x :lol1: :lol1:

he is lovely though isn't he - wish i could keep him :Wink3:
Wow! What a lovely selection - and just in time for thinking about special Christmas presents.

Will definitely be in touch.