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The Phonographist
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Hmmm....having cleared everything off my PC in a bid to make it faster and reinstalling everything, I now cant seem to get audio (in Cubase) to work.

Audio outside of Cubase is fine. MIDI in Cubase is fine. I tried every combination of ASIO devices and the only one that plays any kind of noise is distorted and echos. I've reinstalled all programs/ drives several times to no avail.

Help!! :sob:

The cubase version is 5.1
My Audio card is an echo audio Mia.

What am I doing wrong? It worked fine before I formatted my hard drive. :wacko:

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Try opening ur audio mixer and muting outputs one at a time to see if the echo goes away. I've had this before where the monitor is looped back and plays with a slight delay thru a separate output (software not hardware)
Well, Im seem to have fixed the cubase audio. but now Im getting the echo when I try to use Reason with Cubase.