Cubase channel strip

i ve been making a choom with Slackbaba and we are using his Mac/Logic setup for this cool thing ive otice that can be done in Logic is saving enire channel strip settings including the vsti, plus whatever inserts and eq settings...
cant do this in cubase can you?


Throb Farmer
you definitely can save channel settings - not in front of me now so I can't check whether all fx and settings are saved too, but you deffo can save a channel.
i know you can COPY channels within the project and you can store EQ settings.....but im talking the whole chain with instrument which you can then pull up later within any project.


Throb Farmer
Checked the manual - its a mixer option -"save selected channels"....

It is possible to save complete mixer settings for selected or all audio
channels in the mixer. These can later be loaded into any project. Channel
settings are saved as mixer settings files. These have the Windows
file extension “.vmxâ€.

Right-clicking (Win) or [Ctrl]-clicking (Mac) somewhere on the mixer
panel or in the Channel Settings window brings up the Mixer context
menu where four Save/Load items can be found. The following options
are available:
• “Save Selected Channels†will save all channel settings for the selected
Input/output routings are not saved.
• “Save All Mixer Settings†saves all channel settings for all channels.
When you select any of the above options, a standard file dialog
opens where you can select a name and storage location on your disk
for the file.
just tried it...and it works...but not as good as Logic....
it doesnt include the vsti when you save it so its not 100% still gotta pull up your vsti in the rack an then load up the patch....but i can work a little faster