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ello there I've been meaning to start attempting to make my own music for a while now but not got round to it but this time im gonna do something about it(honest) :Smile3: Could anyone tell me there thoughts on wats best,easiest to use for choonage production out of logic 5 and cubase sx and reason all opinons welcome thx :Smile3:
allo there bristy :Smile3:

my personal taste is cubase. well, actually its none of the above, its nuendo, but thats practically cubase. imho logic is too powerful for its own good, damn complicated and hard to use compared to my beloved n1.6, and i dont want to get onto the Mac train, so thats out. imho reason is (and i hate saying it, because its such a snobbish thing easily refuted by citing the many fantastic tracks produced entirely with it) a bit of a toy, because its non-expandable with 3rd party plugins of any format, cant record audio and cant output midi, three things which are fundamental and critical to production for me.

Note thats my deliberately opinionated slant. From a balanced standpoint, Logic is a fantastic program with ultimate power. And I get the impression from friends and forums that Reason is genuinely easier to learn than cubase/logic/etc; I've also heard you can write faster; the non-expandability is also a benefit as it improves stability and performance; and, like i said, "toy" doesnt mean it cant produce the pro results, which is the important thing in the final analysis.

So... I reckon you might get some mileage out of following what has become the "classic" path into production. Messing with Reason, doing a few tunes with that, getting to grips with the basics of synths, sampling, processing, routing and mixing. Then, when ready, you rewrire it into Cubase and begin adding as little or as much Cubase stuff to your palette as you need/want.
I think Soliptic's right. If you're starting from nothing, the best thing is Reason. And when you grow into it, it will still be relevant as you can rewire into cubase or whatever else you choose
I disagree, I find logic far less cluttered and more straight forward to use. I can work quicker and be more productive on it. There are a few niggles to begin with but after that you pick it up fast. I just think it's got a steeper learning curve that the rest which puts a lot of people off before they suss it out.
I am using the now outdated version of cubase VST v5 so it's what I'm used to (although I probably still haven't used half of the features on there). I have a mate who swears by Logic and another who only uses Cakewalk Sonar. As far as I'm aware, they all do the same things but it just depends on how you get along with them.

Reason is quite different and is probably easier to get to grips with for starters. :Wink3:
Hehe... Wasnt this thread 3 pages long?

Methinks the data transfer was based on a snapshot a wee bit older than the last time I visited the place :juggle:
Unfortunately if you're backing up to the same physical drive, a head crash will take out all the data :sad:

........what exactly is the point of backing up to the same physical drive? Every crash i've ever known that has required a restore has been because the drive or the electronics on it no longer work........
To be honest, if I remember correctly the forum was pretty much held together with string and gaffer tape for the last few months - and backing up to the same physical drive does have a point if one of the partitions develops soft errors. Obviously it's not as good an idea as backing up to a separate drive - but if you're on a shoestring budget, then needs must... :?

Anyways, if I remember the eventual conclusions of this thread it was something like : SX has the better internal mixer, at version 2 it still has a few instability issues, but as a VST host it has no equal - plus if you're using x86 (PC/Wintel/AMD) architecture it's going to be fully supported and developed for the foreseeable future. Logic has unparallelled customizability, (arguably) better external MIDI timing and its native plugins are absolutely astonishing, whereas its VST support is less complete than SX, plus you have to pay for an overpriced piece of cack^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Macintosh if you want to use any version more recent than 5.5.

Personally I find them both wonderful and infuriating in equal measure, and am learning both so that I won't feel like a lemon working with somebody who uses the other.


(PS : for ppl less sad than me, ^H = backspace/delete )