Cubase signal routing questions...


I have a couple of really frustrating problems with signal routing in Cubase. Can anyone think of any work arounds?

Why can't FX channel outputs be routed to a group channel? I often want to do this.. for example: I have a number of instruments , all using a single reverb send FX channel. I then route all instrument channels to a single group in order to put a filter over the whole lot. Now the reverb FX channel doesn't get filtered as I can't send it to the same group.

The second problem I get may be a Cubase bug - not sure (I'm using SX2.2). Basically, I can normally route the output of one group to the input of another. However this option only seems to be available if the group you are outputting to was created after the group you are outputting from? When I create a new group and bring up the menu to route its output, the only option available is the master channel.

Can anyone offer any advice?



yeas you can only route a group channel to a proceeding group channel in the sequence - ie: you cant route group 2 to group 1.
to get around your routing problem try setting up the reverb on a group channel and send your instruments to that via the aux sends then route that group to the proceeding group with you filter fx and woollaa.....i trust you found your filter VST then :Wink3: which one are you using?


mmm... irritating... Thinking about it, it is probably good that the FX channels can't be routed back to groups as that could create a feedback loop which I guess Cubase couldn't handle. The group channel order thing is probably enforced for the same reason as without it you could easily set up routing loops.. could be a lot of pissed off people with blown speakers!

Maybe I can work around it by adding more group tracks then swapping all of the groups around to ensure the signal only needs to flow up though the group numbers? (loads of work re-routing and re-setting plugins :Sad: )

Still haven't settled on a good filter - I liked the look of frantic filter so might try to get my hands on that. For now I'm using Quad Frohmage - it sounds good and does 36dB/Octave which is handy. Still a bit of spare CPU to play with so I'll worry about the efficiency later!