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Hi there. My copy of cubase is being odd. When it is open with a tune in it. But not playing or doing anything, the CPU is running at 90% and it says that it is all cubase! I have 2.66GHz. How can this be possible? What the fuck is going on please? Its really annoying and slows down everything.


Try turning off plugins one by one and seeing if any of them make a major difference to the CPU load. If turning off a certain plugin causes the CPU load to reduce by say 50% then it's possible that you may be suffering from a 'denormalisation' problem - ie. one of your plugins may not know how to handle very low-level signals properly. Digitalfishphones do a 'normalizer' plugin which adds a very small amount of noise (< -300dB) to the signal which stops the naughty plugin from hogging the CPU.

WOW. Nice one Col!

Yeah i didn't realise that they use CPU power when its not playing. Did some bouncing down and it works a bit better. :Smile3:

PS: Does anyone have a working Absynth 2 crack and maybe some presets. Our 1.3 is dodgy and crap :Sad:
Reconstructed said:
I don't think I have ever seen an instance where there is a sequencer problem that Colin can't fix. Cheers.

You'll notice I only reply to threads where I think I might have a clue. JPsychodelicacy's solved more problems than me. Anyway, if my suggestion wasn't strictly relevant to the problem then I didn't help anyway! :P :Grin: :Wink3: