Cubase SX & Nuendo


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Steinberg have released versions 2.2 of Cubase SL/SX and Nuendo. These are free maintenance updates but in addition to several standard maintenance fixes and changes, these versions also introduces new and improved hardware controller support, as well as three brand-new virtual instruments and effects!

All are now available online as free software updates from Pinnacle's FTP server. The SL 2.2 version includes the same new features and fixes with the exception of the additional plug-ins, which are exclusive to Cubase SX and Nuendo.


Downloaded this on Friday but not had a chance to check it out yet (been at a wedding all weekend). The last update fixed all the issues that made life difficult for me (mainly the 'losing undo' bug which pissed me off mightily) but I guess I'll have to wait for v3 for my wishlist (improved group routing, improved VSTi track management).