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its fake. which is a giant shame because all those features sound like unbelievably good ideas to me... better than the features we have/will actually get from any sequencer companies frankly.

Originally posted by MiL0
Okay, okay I'll come clean... this 'leak' is definitely a fake as it was written by me last week. I was thinking about submitting my SX4 wishlist directly to Steinberg (or at least the Steinberg forums) but I consider quite a few of my ideas to have some merit and I felt that it deserved better attention. I felt that this 'leaked' document (and all the attention it got on various forums) was the best way to get Steinberg to look at my suggestions and proposals.

The problem now is that I'm guessing quite a few people may be disappointed that SX4 feels more like an "SX3.2" interms of improvement. Despite Yamaha's recent aquisition of Steinberg and the probable cash injection Steinberg recieved, you have to bare in mind that the computer music market is MUCH smaller than, say, the video or computer game industries. This means that the chances of getting a standard API for DSP cards is probably quite unlikely. Not to mention how difficult it would be to standardise. The reason being that not all computer games look the same when they're run on different 3d cards. A different kind of blurring or particle effect doesn't matter too much in your typical 3d shooter but in the audio world a totally different sounding reverb or chorus wouldn't be desirable.

As for the other 'features', well, the Universal Part Editor is something I'd love to see. I thought about simply including a 'Halion Lite' with SX4 but really, Ableton Live style integration is much more interesting imo. Hypnotic - you're right about it not being ideal for everyone and that's why it's merely an option. You don't have to switch to the Piano Roll view to pitch your samples if you don't want to. I don't think that's too confusing! :Smile3:

The mLAN and VST System Link idea really ought to be something Steinberg is thinking of particularly as they are so closely affiliated with Yamaha now. It's such a blindingly obvious idea I'm surprised that we haven't heard anything about this before. The same applies for VST-M plugins... this would really set SX/Nuendo apart from the competition.

Anyway, glad that a few people enjoyed the fruits of my bored imagination and sorry if I disappointed anyone haha!

Steinberg - if you're looking for another SX4 beta tester drop me a PM :teeth: