Cujorius One - Creating A Second Sun (Zenon Records)

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SE14, London
Artist: Cujorius One
Release Title: Creating A Second Sun
Label: Zenon
Media Format: CD
Catalogue No.: ZENCD005
Expected: January 20, 2006

Track Listing

01. Bloodstains In My Smoke
02. Epo Orc
03. Silva Soul
04. 95.5 Radio Joint
05. The Pay Per View Sound
06. My Voices Don't Like You
07. Dear Daddy Drugs
08. Bruise Vein
09. Bass Bitch
10. Pita Pan

Info From Saikosounds:

Cujorius One is 24 year old Bjorn Jacobsen from Copenhagen, Denmark. Continuing in the rich tradition of psytrance music in his hometown (home of iboga records amongst others), Zenon Records is proud to present his debut album ?gCreating a Second Sun?h. Bjorn has been producing electronic music for almost 10 years. Over that time he has refined and developed his sound into the unique beast that it is today. The most advanced and intelligent music production techniques are used, whilst never losing sight of the need to move the dance floor. He combines driving beats with dark, ethereal atmospheres reminiscent of the Danish forest from whence he came. This is dark, deep and grinding music for the evil hours!

*Cujorius One has been known in the psytrance scene for a long time, having their first cd release way back in the year 2000. Since then they have developed a solid reputation for being one of the premier producers in the world of minimal and progressive trance.

*Played with many well known trance acts including Midimiliz, Atmos and Sensient.

*Collaborated in the studio with famous artists such as Genetic Spin, Sensient and SunControlSpecies.

*One half of legendary project Tenka who released tracks on respected labels like Creamcrop and Traktor Schallabor.

*Also released on other labels such as Novatekk, Groove Zone, Koyote and Leviathan records.

*Has toured Europe extensively playing live sets in Germany, France, Greece and Sweden amongst others.