Cytopia looking for new tracks for compilation and website

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Dear Artists

We are looking for new tracks for release

What we are offering is the following:

1. If your track rocks and is top production, we can have it mastered and released on compilation CD.

2. If your track is good, but not selected for compilation, we can if you choose have it mastered, and released as download on website in WAV format and mp3.

In both cases, you receive a copy of the mastered track which you can do with as you please, including sending to other labels.

The financial details of the agreement can be read on our homepage, basic is artist get 60% of profit from release on website, and 40% from CD sale.

If Interested please send demos to

Cytopia Records
Houtmankade 81-3h

or upload to our server, details are on

All tracks sent will be handled with respect.