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Time to prime..
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I fukin love these guys. I know Thomas Bangalter has a few side projects but does anyone know of a forthcomming album?

These guys are streets ahead. I even play ALIVE in a psychedelic set as it just rocks along side the likes of Synthetic and Delta.

Now this IS big Dance production. Sooooo damn simple too.

Rock't Da Deli.
I take it you have some kind of interest in this thread and would like me to elaborate??


- Thomas Bangalter. Killer dance production. This is an electronic music forum right?? Production is the link here no??

I just said I have mixed a track of theirs with psy trance... Therefore it makes them relevant to the scene, no??

Does anyone know of a new album or have anything useful or relevant to add herein??

uuuh i'd be interested to hear some nu stuff from da punx! havent heard of anyfing out there.
didnt fink too much of their last album tho. but loved their 1st one & they were gruuvi when i saw em play many a year ago :lol:
They're last album was shining!

Some Grieg in there somewhere... (Nordic composer - worked with Mozart...)

Blissfull melodies....

Zaven said:
They're last album was shining!

Some Grieg in there somewhere... (Nordic composer - worked with Mozart...)

Blissfull melodies....


come to think of it ive only heard bits of their last album (prob the most commercial-charty soundin bits) so i shouldnt really judge eh! :Grin:
For Sure Tom...

I'm all about it! :Grin:

Thomas has a number of side projects too...

i'm with you on this one zaven...

did you hear the tortie wildstyle edit of voyager?? blew me away first time i heard it. i think it was lottie playing it on radio 1 as well... very strange one. i was in the car with my brother, it came on the radio and we were both gobsmacked. then when i got home some PR company had sent it to me to review it for psyreviews (@_@)

but no idea on a new album though...
You're lucky. I wish someone would send me that shit as if by magic!


Fucking K.I.L.L.E.R production. There's not much I wouldn't do for that sound.
I've heard absolutely nothing about any new shizzle Dizzle from the Punks..

I still cream over the old stuff... :o :Wink3: :smoke:
There's a few duff remixes but some worthwhile re-arrangement from the Daft Boys themselves.

I've recently come accross some new bands that are of an ilk;

Aloud - Bob O'lean
We Rock (label)

I work here and there with TYPE (fontains club concept venture) whom co-manage Reprazents whom manage Aloud. French boyziz no less.

Hey Damion, you know that warping-string-type-compression-overhaul-kik-shit they got going on...? Why not bring it on?? It gives the impression of absolute enormity through the rig... :Wink3: and has yet been utilised in psytrance as far as I can see..

See you at the Glade...
ah yeah fully... tikal's tune on wind up samples one of discovery's tunes (cant remember the name of it.... an early single, with the iron-maiden-y synth guitar arpeggio thing) and i reckon that'll sound phat this weekend ... reckon someone's bound to play it... close enough??

Killer music.

Just that.

I am a fan of them since the beggining.

Would like to see them live one day :Smile3:
Sounds like 'Aerodynamic' - that shiz sends shhhhivvverrrzzz down my spin just thinking about it..


It's a break-style track but people rock-the-dock like it's 4:4 coz of the 130 BPM signature.

Now THAT'S dance music..
Gonna get the Wind Up and check the Tikal sampling.. Nice one D.
I'm gonna check the FreQ too.. Need something inspiring in psy at the mo.. I'm moving all too house-bound for my liking..

Have you tasted the Phuture Remixes? Mmm cherry pie with lashing of creamy-cross-over...
The Audio Energizer.... Daft Punk. (The licks are Van-Halen though.. or summink..)

Anyone hear the current #1 by my man Mr Prydz. He gig's at T.Y.P.E residently...

Now if that's not Daft Production, I don't know what is.

The Punks RULE.


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That's right. I frikkin' love it.
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