damions done a mix


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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
I was going to call it 23 songs about something but in the end i went for sixty something minutes in the company of damion

it's at http://www.psyreviews.com/damion/index.html and here's the tracklist

Protoculture vs Miss Jane -- Fine Neuro Pop Tonight (Synth Bastard Trainwreck)
DJ Santata -- Fine Night Tonight
Teabags -- Wave of Mutilation (pixies cover)
Nick Cave -- Disco 2000
Grant Green -- We've Only Just Begun (Synth Bastard Lets Get Started Mix)
Burt Bacharach -- Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
The Recliners -- Roxanne
Cassette Boy -- God Bless America
William Shatner -- Common People
Mexican Madness -- Capitan
UNKLE -- Back & Forth
Stina Nordenstam -- Little Star
The Undertones -- Teenage Kicks
The Slits -- Heard It Thru The Grapevine
Lee Perry -- Yakkety Yakk
Eek-a-mouse -- Ganja Smuggling
Crazy Elf -- Priestly Pennies
Balsara and His Singing Sitars -- I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Tricky -- Hell Is Round The Corner
Bad Livers -- Lust For Life
?? -- ??
Ott Vs Van Halen Vs Timmy Vs Benny Hill -- My Name Is Smoked Glass And Jump (Synth Bastard Oughta Know Better Mix)

comment, questions, bookings, death threats, requests etc...
OK - where the hell did you get that Blair sample from? :Wink3:

Nicely done sir - though my colleagues now think I'm even stranger than they did about an hour ago! (Have been sat here smirking and occasionally pissing myself laughing) :Grin:

If you ever see the "wrong" rig at a big party, grab your choons and just tell Random Monkey that Urk sent you :Wink3:

Edit -

Are Har !
Maximumfuckin'trainspottin' respeck to me.......

The track you attribute to " Culture" ( I assume you mean :Smile3: )...

Is in fact by Eek-a-mouse, and it's called "Ganja Smuggling".

::Is proud::

Eek-a-mouse is wickid by the way check him out.....
Woohoo! Some kewl finds on here,mate!!!! Bring on some more!!! :cooljump:
Never fail to amuse....... :Smile3:

Nice to see an UNKLE track in there... reminds me of Coffs Harbour.

*slides off into blissful memories of down under*
Shatner doing Common People....Laugh? I nearly shat(ner)!
My work colleagues were very nice about it however.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot.

eclectic eclectic eclectic
Yay! (or Shite!)

Nice one Damion, seamless mixing and some mighty mighty buildups, deep bass tones and wicked spacky rhythms... er, hang on, no that's my Cliff Richard 20 Golden Greats LP.

Smiling at your eclecticisms :Smile3: I have so many fond memories of some of these tunes that there's a wee lump in my throat. Thnx m8 :Smile3:
Just playing your mix dude.
Soundz very eclectic.
But fricking hell man it's not psy-trance...

Me niether, but Michael Crawford was great in Phantom of the Opera.

it would have been funnier if Damion had done a whoopsie on the carpet or summink :Wink3:
What is it with Damion and shit?

:unsure: :crazy: :blink: :!: :huh: :smoke:
Everytime I try to download one of damions mixes it gets to five percent and then goes all funny and stops and this confuses me. Any help?