Dark & Twisted Track Of The Day


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
Fungus Funk - Duck The Mechwarrior
from Russian Connection on Panorama Records

hilarious and filthy :P

...add yours :Smile3:


Champagne Rouletter
xenomorph - torrent of insanity

''As a matter of fact, I'm there right now ..what do you mean, you're where, right now? At your house. Thats fuckin crazy man. Call Me, Dial your number, Go ahead'


'I told you I was here.'

'It has been a pleasure talking to you.'

Spirallianz - The first five tracks of the first album :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:


Acid Mutants - Fungus Funk track 5 (I think, canee remember the track name Doh!) but it is PHAT AS F**K! We LIKE! :wub: Makes me do this ---> :dancey:


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xenomorph - torrent of insanity
Ha I remember that album - that was fukt up. Great tunes, just loads of hellish screaming, wailing and groaning in the background - and much gnashing of teeth!
'The worlds gonna end in 1999'


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I always put on New Order Of Noise by Hyper Frequencies.

Not sure if that's dark and twisted enough to count? It's enough for me - in fact the whole Third Trip CD from Parvati. I find it's great when I come in from the pub totally bladdered on ale. Well spooky.


i think since the release of Zen2 -deja vu records i havent heard more twisted (but not that dark) track.. and i'm talking about



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Fuck. Torrents of insanity is dark. and my all time most phat synthesiser cainer ever!

that whole mistress of evil thign rocks.


parasense-IRON PUNK xm,f sbgfubgsdf ysdbfsd gfeasfaweqdrh qwefwefqhfh qfwfuwfuiwefuiwe hfuiehfuiwef dhuuiv hbuh fguig re

also i cna NEVER get enough of fuck that dat mafia trance xp and the silmanki murder toolkit. they just owns it clart.


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Dark you say? I'm not one for the typically disturbed dark psy, chilling perhaps, not dark per say..


The Montoya rmx from Infected - gave me chills,
So did The Soothsayer rmx from Hallucinogen take me to those uncharted realms of uncertainty..