darkpsy -spooky (analog xperience rmx)

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Oooooooo. Big, Theatrical, spooky and pumping. Me like.
Only listening to the streaming one right now but will defiantly download for a proper listen later.
:partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi:
i there mates , for a while i've been away from here , thk for your nice posts ,im glad u are liking my music .. there is plenty of new work even and even bether of what u hear in the site , very soon when the site stay ok .. i will put some new track for u can give a look ,un til there thk for the post ..

about released and etc ..
no i didn't released yet , im trying to finish my objective in muic creation .. then i will think in released .for sure i woudl like to released some work now .. to get my music more knowed , but with pacience and time we get what we whant .. its what i think :Smile3:

well mates .. hope i can play in several countrys to give my vibes and power to you all


well mate .. the page is with lot of problems .. and .. this demo ... its no longer available .... soon i put here the new link with the new page .. and plenty of new stuff for u can hear ,..

behave and until there get in high