deedrah - body and soul (spun)


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Warsaw, Poland
I don't have it yet, but from the samples on saikosounds it sounds very promising - very similar to orion's last CD and very different from the GMS style full-on that Spun is releasing...

Any opinions on this one?
OH MY GOD.......................
In otherwords.....DADO!!!!!! :wow:
This sounds wicked, Combining Light and Dark to maximum effect. The Samples sounds are great, someone who can write a melody. Could well beat Protoculture and Orion for top Artist Album for me this year. Have to wait to payday to get it though...3 days and counting...
never thought I'd see the day when Deedrah brings out THE artist album of the year!

got this home and have listened to nothing else since, particular favourites are "Body and Soul" and "Waveburner", but all the tracks are top notch. It owes more to Dado's Synthetic project than the last album, with ruff and tuff bassline and kicks with the occasional sprinkling of twinkly noise.

truly pukka.
oh yeah, baby! wicked stuff. some of the bottom end on it is awesome, and the melodies make yer hair stand on end. the first 4 tracks in particular take me straight back to '95, but yet it doesn't sound dated :Smile3: artist album of the year for me as well.
Your making me real jealous now, right I'm off to borrow the money from a passer by or sell something.... anyone lend me the money for a copy of deedrah!
just ordered - cant wait - my neighbours dont know whats gonna hit em'

ehe he !
oh man :o

it's a bit :wacko: it's very :lol1: it hits you like :lol: and also :punk:

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>(even though i did mix track 5 into the plump dj's mix of donna summer i feel love, then back into track 6, and dropped the break from last night a dj saved my life half way into track 7. it sounded fucking awful.) </span>
Where is that bloody postman... grrr... I'm off to find out where he lives and ask where my Deedrah CD is!
this is a bit heavy!!

was having a shit day so went down to psyDMT for some retail therapy, after the nice lady pressed play i thought someone was hitting my head with a sledgehammer, that opening tune is as heavy as heavy gets.

i love the rest of the album too
smoke weed....everyday!!!!!!
Worth every minute of the wait, a truly wicked artist album with depth and quality!!
I would recommend it to anybody. Slinky and Stinky, Groove Shadow, and Purplestar are current fav's but I'm sure that will change.
The CD is very good, but in my book it doesn't beat up Orion's Artificial Frequencies for an artist CD of the year :P

The best tracks are Goa Sunrise (with this crunchy acid sound in backgroud) and Slinky & Stinky. And I liked the package very much too - the colors look like some 70's hippie record :Grin:

The only thing I'm pissed off :crazy: with this release (and many others too recentrly) is that at the point of mastering they've fucked it up! Listen to the whole CD at once, and you'll notice that the fifth track (groove shadow) is much more quiet than the others (I checked - it has overall average volume RMS of 13dB, while others approx. 9dB - this means half the "loudness"). As far as I can tell, it happened there because at the beginning of this track there is a very loud sample "and now the darkness..." and if you normalize the track using only peak value it leaves the rest of the track unchanged. The same goes for the last track (purplestar), though it's less evident there, and again it's caused by "what does the eye command" sample in between 8th & 9th track (I say between, because it doesn't belong to the theme of the last track, though it's "in it").