deep+dubby, minimal+progressive dnb with sax


whirling mathematician
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look for "hipnotic ft. sax - drawing in"

its dnb, but all my dnb draws heavily on my time spent listening, partying and making goa/psy, my beloved shrooming experiences, and my daily aural diet of psydub and psychill , so i post it here anyway hoping some people will be brave enough to give it a try :Grin:

the general feel of the track was somewhat inspired by minimal progressive stuff like kooler, as well as dnb influences, principally the wonderfully deep-with-a-hint-of-restrained-sickness style that teebee showcased on the "legacy" lp, and the utterly gorgeous melodic dub stuff that klute, amit and the rest of commercial suicide have been coming out with in 2004.

it has some very very lovely easternish lyrical sax from saxopholus who also posts here.

other "hipnotic" tracks hopefully worth a listen are (in rough order):

invisible frontier.... which isnt up there... doh
the storm of progress (with sax on flute this time, epic and shpongley)
escape velocity (airborne trance'n'bass, with ebow guitar)
quadratic (more vaguely eastern touches, lots of trancey synths)