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most of the delay effect processors that i have come across have a high freq damping thing to simulate real acoustic situations blah blah. does anyone know of a delay unit, hardware or software it doesnt bother me, that dampens the low freqs so that it has a kind of HP effect on the echos. ive tried using a normal delay and puting a hpf after it and slowly bringing up the cutoff but its just not the same :no:

also when i thought of this it made me wonder if there are any delay plugins which do other things like pitch shifting echos where it goes up or down in pitch with each echo, or a bit crushing echo get the picture. anyone know of any?
Logic's Tape Delay and Ohm Boyz software wise (that is all I know, not much of a plug user).
My Eventide Eclipse does this thing very well, some mad feedback algorithms in there too.
If you wanna get the same filtering effect on the feedback, put the returns from the delay into a LPF and a HPF in series, set the resonance to your licking and you'll get a fully expressive hands on aprroach on the whole thing. You can also get a notch filtering that way and control the width of the band reject. Differnt settings on the filters' resonance will give different results that are not obtainable otherwise (well not as far as I know), but the whole expression part is not obtainable otherwise for sure.

the ohmboyz is a great plugin: you can add a HP LP of BP on your dleay, add a distotion, put an LFO on all the different knobs existing in this plug-in (pan, filter frequency and resonance, Q, feedback, delay time.......). on top of that you can create two different delayts at the same time with different is a pretty good delay plug-in....
ohmboyz ohmboyz ohmboyz ohmboyz

saying "the greatest delay plugin ever" is close to the truth, but with an extra, redundant word :lol:
Yeah, but OhmBoyz specializes in delay, and that's before we get onto Frohmage, Predatohm and Haematohm... *drool*

Did one tune (Rinse'n'Repeat) pretty much based entirely off the OhmBoyz feedback with extra Q.


(For extra sadness points, aforementioned tune also contains a sneaky 'Close Encounters' homage in the bassline :Wink3: )
You haven't even heard it yet! :P

And you'd have to be quite sad to realise it's there... none of my mates noticed when I played it at New Year... :Wink3:

</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (JPsychodelicacy @ Apr 8 2004, 12:35 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> Yeah, but OhmBoyz specializes in delay, and that's before we get onto Frohmage, Predatohm and Haematohm... *drool*
not quite

ohmboyz is a delay - full stop.

(well- dual filterdelay with a few cheeky features that can let you do things like pitch/slow it down an octave or reverse it - but basically - its a delay). the others are nothing to do with ohmboyz: they are ohmforce.

i've never quite figured out why everyone except me thinks ohmboyz is the company and uses it to mean any of their plugins :hehe:

so , anyway, what i meant, is that ohmboyz is not just the best delay plugin ever, but its the best plugin ever. obviously i dont quite mean that - because its just so stupid to even decide whether a delay is "better" than a sampler or a flange or whatever. but , it is definitely my favourite and most-used single plugin.

Did one tune (Rinse'n'Repeat) pretty much based entirely off the OhmBoyz feedback with extra Q.

i've not done that yet, but i have almost certainly done a track where every single noise in the tune had seen an ohmboyz at some point. i've never actually checked that for sure, but i usually seem to use at least 20 every time - leads, pads, arpeggios, etc are guaranteed, and the only things that dont usually have ohmboyz on them are... erm... kicks. so i reckon its a strong probability :lol:
I should have been a bit clearer really - was aware that OhmForce made the plugins, and that OhmBoyz is one of 'em.

You're right about how good it is though - the delay and filter effects seem almost *designed* for psychedelic music!

yeah i thought u probably knew but thought i'd also clear it up for the sake of it as people are always getting it wrong generally! :Smile3:

yes - absolutely ideal for my tastes. i use the ohmboyz like salt when cooking - a little bit of it added to just about anything can help :Smile3:

i just load it up and bish! (del time: 1.5), bash! (hp mode), bosh! (res up a bit, q up a bit, cutoff up a bit), bash! (lfo mod the wet pan) - within a few seconds i've racked up something which makes it sound pretty much the same, but simply a bit better.


i find the filtrator tends to have the same effect...

(we are talking about goaish ambientish trancey squelchy stuff here)

actually, have you tried fruity loops?

on the channel settings, the delay settings should allow you to pitch shift. Also, you can specify the exact number of delays you get, which is really useful for rythmic work.

Having said that, i haven't used these for a long time now. Maybe they are pants, i can't really remember!


If you want to bit cursh your delays, get a delay which has got a wet/dry mix control, and set it to all wet.

Export audio and but it back into the song.

Turn off the delay plugin.

Bit crush the channel with the recorded delay.

Arrg. Cursed with bad typing fingers tonight. Hope that made some sense! :baa: :Smile3: :Smile3:



other option as someone already said is logics own tape delay with the filter hi on high and the filter lo on med hi

each delay filters up more... quite subtle

not really like ohmboyz
My only problem with the Ohmboys thing is that I can't for the life of me work out why they had to make the GUI 1024x768 ..!

To make room for pictures of cats in crash helmets I suspect.


And it is a bit fussy.

I'm with Sainsbury - the PSP 84 Lexicon thingy is the absolute dog's tits. I've absolutely rinsed that thing and it still surprises me every time I use it.

In fact - I'm using it right now. Just turned a Minimoog sequence into a rippling ocean of mystery and yearning.


P.s. While we're being pedantic, "Moog" is pronouced to rhyme with "Vogue".
I found OhmBoyz on my computer not long ago and have been fascinated by it ever since. Especially the crazy noizes it makes if turn the feedback all the way up and get the LFOs moving!
Might have to try the PSP now though.

Ott said, "P.s. While we're being pedantic, "Moog" is pronouced to rhyme with "Vogue". "

Really? That's news to me. In fact that means that everyone I have ever know use the term, was wrong!