delerious SALE!!! time for psyreviews clothing


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
for a limited etc etc etc there's £2 (or €3 if yo're a communist) off per item at psyreviews clothing - threads for people who take the piss at parties (TM)

this realy is jolly exciting.

to qualify you HAVE to enter the following promotional code in the box at the time of ordering:


that code again: EBIRD

boys' shirt sizes are quite large so go one size lower if you're not sure.


furballs in space
hiya i want a white ketamine whore tshirt if you can get it to me by the 16th dec ? lemme know ( pm me or whatever ) i cant find the links to do it tho i am a bit thick tonight

Jo x

( ps do they come in pink ? )


Direct DJ
Hey Damo, how longs your Sale going to be on for, I want some more Psyreviews Shirts (especially on Discount) but need Cash!

Still going to be Cheap in a Week?? :Wink3:


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
arsebiscuits -- i'm sorry jo i didnt know what the dates were :Sad:

and only just seen your post about the shirt. sorry i was away most of this week :Sad:

new designs will be up next weekend, including very very very offensive ones (which i still need to think up)