deleting sysex Live5!



CC info or automation ? ..have never used CC info with live..(for controlling external hard synth yes ?) is it hidded under one of the dropdown menu's for automation parameters on the right of the arrange page maybe..


yep, that, and also all the other automation info......tempo/FX paramz/ etc etc everything...I basically just want my loops, and thats it....I did a test record, but it kept all the stuff I was messing with aswell (eg eq/tempo/fx) even after I deleted the recording... :iconfused ie. each loop seems to have picked up the automation! pfft, pain in the ass! weird way to do it aswell for a loop based package I would imagine (although I'v only ever used cubase n cakewalk b4, so I dunno lol)

thanx will have a look wen am bak @ the puter :Grin: