Chill Out Delightful Imperfections - Dreamtime Dairies Vol 11 - Peaceful Resolutions

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Hey you!

Looking for a chill space? Or maybe a little shanti time to sit back & chill, process, or recharge from the seasonal madness? Then get comfy, press play & loose yourself in these blissful psybient sounds for a while.

Tastes best when served chilled

A massive thank you to all the artists for their super nourishing sounds & continued inspiration! You rock my world!

1. Xspance & The Gnome - ASJ 0.1
2. Porangui - Iluminar (Stratosphere remix)
3. Gayalaxy - Eyes of God
4. The Human Case - Chella Kutty
5. Grains of Sound - Trees Tell Me Their Secrets (Methuselah mix)
6. Data Rebel - Ullinish - Leven
7. Chasing Dreams - Vessel
8. Metamorphis - Mystical Dimensions
9. Green Beats - A Touching Trip (Lab's Cloud remix)
10. Bluetech - Oleander (Phutureprimitive Symbiotic remix)
11. The Human Case - Nova
12. Santiago Niño - Star Maker (Natural Life Essence remix)
13. Momentology - Have Intention (feat. Uqualla)
14. Charlie Roscoe - The Divine is in You
15. Manu Riga - Indigenous Rights (Suduaya remix)
16. Carbon Based Lifeforms - 780 Days

PS: Remember sharing is caring! And if you like any of the artists sounds, please check out their other releases.

PPS: This will be the last Dreamtime Diaries for some time, as I am taking some time out to travel in 2018. Massive thanks to everyone for all your support over the last few years, truly appreciated. You can look forward to more immersive psybient journeys, possibly a radio show, & a new release full of self produced sounds on my return Looking forward to sharing with you all.

Till then, stay chill!

One Love :Heart: