Denon is "Keeping up with the Jones's"


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Looks like Denon are on the ball.......

DENON launches the DN-S5000 The ultimate single CD player!

With unrivalled cut and scratch facilities and unprecedented hands-on tactility and sensitivity, the DN-S5000 genuinely acts and feels like an analogue turntable. Plus a host of additional creative facilities like Looping and Hot Starts, the awesome S5000 will snatch the hearts and minds of the most committed turntable aficionados! Naturally, it has all the robustness and quality engineering for which the DENON brand is renowned.

DN-S5000 Now Offers New Features By Software!


The first and most significant advantage of the S-5000 over other single CD players is that the platter spins. The machine is a true CD turntable. To emulate a record deck as closely as possible, the turntable has a vinyl disc on with grooves cut into it, replicating the feel of a conventional record! The S-5000 offers total ability to manipulate the vinyl disc in the required stylistic manner, plus the added bonus of no stylus – and no jumping!. However hard or fast the user scratches, cuts or spins the record back, it tracks to perfection, the optical sensors following every movement with pinpoint accuracy and musical detail. A small plastic wheel at the centre of the platter has a printed a marker, providing a visual indicator to cut or spin back to a particular beat or position – allowing it to be cued just like a record deck. The Forward/Back function is perfect for “cutting in†samples without having to close the mixer fader –like having an extra hand! The platter can be assigned to scratch either the main or the alpha track as well as the onboard sampler. “Power off†slow down effects are achievable using the adjustable brake facility, and a useful “dump†mode plays words backwards.


This allows two tracks to be played and mixed simultaneously from the same CD, through independent outputs. The DN-S5000 allows the platter to be switched to work on either “main†or “alpha†track, so you can have a break-beat or loop playing through one output, whilst scratching and cutting a second track on the same CD through the other. Assigning the outputs to either side of the cross-fader on the mixer gives a very powerful and accurate mixing machine. All functions such as Looping, Vari-speed and Bend can be applied to either (or both) tacks independently.


This facility allows the currently playing disc to be ejected with continuance of the music for up to 35 seconds before being neatly “tailed off†with an echo effect. Alternatively, pressing the “eject†button 35 seconds before the end of the track will effectively play it till the end as normal - allowing enough time to insert a new disc and cue another track ready to play.


The DN-S5000 enables ‘beat juggling’ via it’s “Mirror Mix†function without needing two copies of the record or two decks. This allows the same track to be played through different outputs, with one running a fraction of a beat behind the other. The tempo of the track can be determined either by using the auto BPM counter or input manually. The delay timing can then be adjusted according to the effect required.


For instant access to pre-selected parts of the disc, up to four Hot Start positions to be set and saved to memory for later recall.


This is a major feature shared by the DN-S5000 with DENON’s DN-D9000 twin CD machine. In the event of a drive failing, the complete drive assembly including with lasers, can be changed ‘live’ in less than one minute with a bit of nifty screwdriver work. At approximately £100, replacement drives are a worthwhile investment to avoid potential mid-show embarrassments!


Other DN-S5000 features include four on-board samplers, each storing up to 15 seconds of full bandwidth audio, that can be looped, edited, played backwards and adjusted in level as required. There are 5000 memories to store cue points, loop locations and hot starts as well as key adjust and varispeed settings. An on board auto BPM counter is provided, and both main and alpha track give a choice of analogue line or digital SPDIF outputs. The S-5000 has normal looping facilities along with a new ‘Splice’ mode for chopping out bits of a track.

Pure Performance

The S-5000 is designed and engineered to out perform any turntable in all areas. This machine sets the pace for the new generation of single CD players, and will push the boundaries of scratch mixing forward. It allows turntable scientists to be faster, more accurate - and - with no needle to jump or break - more adventurous in their exploration of sound manipulation.
Hello Rob, Howz Trix? How much R these going to cost then? I'm going to have about a grand to spend on a pair soon, and at the moment it looks like Pioneer CDJ800's are winning.
From what i've heard they are gonna be around £700-750 a piece. Same price as the Technics, basically.
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (geoffwiffen @ Apr 2 2004, 01:18 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> Hello Rob, Howz Trix? How much R these going to cost then? I'm going to have about a grand to spend on a pair soon, and at the moment it looks like Pioneer CDJ800's are winning. [/quote:54a76363ce]
Hey Geoff, Trix are good man.

So, the digital age has finally caught up with you. I bet your Technics will keep they're place tho :Wink3: although a pair of CDJ's nestled between them... heheh.

I love the Mystic Knights website BTW, did you do it ?
Hey Rob, Good News m8 glad your travels are going well!! see some stuff for me!

Yeah had to admit defeat and catch up with the rest of the Psy World, Psy Vinyl just doesn't exist anymore... doh

I have been getting CD releases for months now in anticipation of getting some CDJ's and I have a pension payout coming up (I opted out for the cash) of about a grand so that should do it. These look tasty but that £750 price tag might be enuff to push them into unreacheable territory.

Bet you Denon boys would love to upgrade to a pair at some point :Wink3:

Yeah the Technics will stay as a nod to the old skool, but somefing with more lights and gadgets wouldn't go a miss.

Thanx for the good words, I did the Mystic Website, it's cool init, but you got to keep it quiet I am days away from finishing the final version, it's all on me PC at home, going to upload it and tell the world, so mum's the word for a week or so, cause I want it to be finished first :Wink3:

Say hello to Robin, nJoi yourselves, keep the reports and triskelle party photo's coming our way, Peace!! :Smile3:
Jons already thinking about a pair of those Denon's (So Iv been told) Price tag is a bit out of my range too, Im looking for a pair of CDJ 500's when I get home, I like the way they sit nicely either side of a DJM300 mixer.

When the MK site goes official, give us the nod and we'll put you in the producers link page.
Dude where have you been? The DN-S5000's have been out for over a year!!!

I had three pairs of them in Miami last year. This year, we got a load of the newer DN-S3000's from Denon.
Silvio Zeppieri, is the designer, and a very nice bloke as it happens. (Silvio also runs Denons record label :blink: )
I did manage to KILL three brand spanking new, out of the box 3000's - TOO much bass :Wink3:
All three were OK after, powering down and resetting, but behaved rather oddly for a while. :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

They are software upgradeable, so any new features can be implimented in a few minutes with a CD. The MP3 playback software has been revised, and upgraded this way.

The platter rotates at 45rpm, has a belt driven turntable, with slip-mat, topped off by a clear platter (this can be replaced with a 7" single if prefered). This should be treatedwith a delicate touch, like vinyl. CDJ users tend to be a bit heavy handed with it at first, causing some unexpected reasults.
A spare drive belt, complete with allen key is included, tho as yet, we've not needed to change one.

The platter has been improved in the newer (cut down version) DN-S3000, as the original one tended to wear. Also the fast search lever tends to come loose, this has been replaced by buttons on the DN-S3000.

The replaceable drive is the same in both machines, so unless you have a need to play two tracks from one CD, the DN-S3000 is the one to go for.

The belt drive is only for a light weight platter with a 7" disc on top. This just controls the drive electronics.

The CD drive is still direct drive - just as it should be :Wink3:
oh ok, but i imagine if it was supposed to be an emulation of a real/vinyl deck, it would need to be direct drive on the platter too
It works fine, just the way it is :Wink3:

The new Technics Sl-DZ1200 "digital turntable", (thats CD player to you and me :Wink3: ) is direct drive - uses the same motor as the SL1210, even the platter is the same size!
However the display can be very hard to read, and the controls are hard to find. :blink:
It does feel very solid, and sits great beside a 1210, (even has the same feet.)
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Pslightly @ Apr 1 2004, 04:12 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> When the MK site goes official, give us the nod and we'll put you in the producers link page. [/quote:16eea5cf84]
Cheers Rob that would be wicked!!

The new Technics Sl-DZ1200 "digital turntable", (thats CD player to you and me ) is direct drive - uses the same motor as the SL1210, even the platter is the same size!
However the display can be very hard to read, and the controls are hard to find.
It does feel very solid, and sits great beside a 1210, (even has the same feet.)

Hmmm that would be sexy next to my 1210's, anyone want to do a bank job for the money!! we could nick a big desk as well to put it all on.
I had a look at these when I was buying my CD decks but went for the Pioneer CDJ1000s as I thought they had stood the test of time better. Still haven't played on the Denons as I don't know anyone who's got them but want to have a go. The two tracks on one CD thing would be useful occasionally. And why don't Pioneer 1000s support mp3 CDs, that was just short sighted?!!
Saw these at last year's PLASA show, also so the Technics and Numark equivalent decks (all motorised platter).

The Numark CDX is a direct drive version with a 12 inch platter, slip mat and a real piece of vinyl. Modelled on the Numark TTX this deck is as close to vinyl as it gets out of the motorised platter triad.

The Technics one was really nice in terms of styling and build quality, but the platter is not a full 12 inch.

The Denon one was the worst of the triad I have to say (and I work for them!), maybe the deck shown at plasa was a prototype (The Numark and Technics ones certainly were) and the full retail version is more robust.
I dont understand why they make CD decks with a piece of vinyl on the top, they dont make records with a CDJ jog wheel on the top do they ?

If its a case of making them feel like record decks, tough, vinyl DJ's will just have to learn how to use CDJ's properly wont they !

I think you've answered your own question.

You should bear in mind that although psy-trance DJs might not make full use of the vinyl-human interface and can therefore easily adapt to less tactile methods, some styles of music and associated mixing methods have come about through the vinyl-human interface, for example scratching.

Also, in the real world it is never a case of tough - If people want something and are prepared to buy it then a company will make it and sell it to them.