Derango – TuMuLT (Inpsyde Media 2005) CD


Derango – TuMuLT

Artist: Derango (Sweden)
Title: TuMuLT
Format: CD (digipack)
Label: Inpsyde Media (Italy)
Cat. #: IME 010
Distribution: Wirikuta
Date: 20 October 2005

Track listing:

01. 08’40†Deranged
02. 07’50†Confusion Is Next
03. 08’10†Made Out Of Vapour
04. 07’43†Masterdamnit
05. 10’51†All Channels Open
06. 09’58†The Poisonous Square
07. 06’37†Lost Theory
08. 07’54†Fnatt
09. 08’38†We Are All Mad Here (Rmx)

.m3u-playlist: (all tracks!)


Surgeon warning: This will fry your brain!

After several delays and some hardcore internet hype, the long-awaited debut album by Swedish forest-trolls Derango (Jens Eriksson & Ola Eriksson) is finally out! Released by the infamous, nocturnal Italian label Inpsyde Media, this album has already caused quite a stir within psytrance circles… And I can totally understand why… Throughout the last year of so, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing five compilations which featured Derango tracks – and every single track was a stand-out! These Swedish nut-jobs know their shit… I’ve been really looking forward to this album, so let’s get this introduction over with, and move onto the more fun stuff: The music!

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Deranged
Of course we start of with something deranged… This is Derango after all! From the first second the forest feel is very much present here… Birds singing, trolls tripping, acid flowing – more psychedelic FX are added and the track cruises at a comfortable speed… Not too fast, not too slow… Yeah, this is subtle psychedelia… But oh, this is so fucking deep and multi-layered… About half-way thru the track speeds up and goes even deeper underground – drenched in acid! Towards the end it breaks up again and becomes insanely fragmented – good luck trying to mix this on DJs! Haha – awesome style! Kick-ass opening track!

#02: Confusion Is Next
“So, what planet are you from?†Next up – confusion! That’s right – this is a very aptly named track! This is some confusing shit! Some sick, perverted, deranged, insane, alienated shit – and that’s all meant as superlatives mind you! This track pretty much sums up the Derango sound in its entire extrovert, psychedelic glory! Full-power, fast-paced multilayered, eclectic mushroom trance… Like Hux Flux on DMT! Best trip-tool so far… Smashing track!

#03: Made Out Of Vapour
Picture this: Intergalactic space-trolls have taken over the deep, dark Swedish forest now… Psychedelic hornets are all over the place with laser beams attached to their little heads… R2D2 is in there dancing and twirling like a fucking mad droid on dwarf mush… And it’s all happening in slow motion – and warp speed! At the same time! Suddenly there is a tsunami of liquid acid flooding the place – people are electric and shapes and colours are changing before your very eyes… Can you dig it? I can – this is a fucking HUGE track… Immensely deranged!

#04: Masterdamnit
Breakz, bleeps, cuckoo watches, digital water, analogue synths, old school drum programming, fucking crows on PCP, twirling melodies, geo-metric patterns, cut beats, off-key kicks, acid mayhem, electronic farts, robot burps, space drums, troll chanting, power electronics, quantum leaps in time, matter & energy… And that’s describing the first minute only! This is psychedelia madames et monsieurs! Brace yourself!

#05: All Channels Open
Sadly we’re already half way through now – but hey, at least all the channels are open! And thank Hofmann for that! Though drenched in subtle acid, the style here is maybe a little too held back… Supposedly! This is all part of the Derango master plan to take over the world! In all fairness though, I must say that this track is not as good as the previous four… It’s still good though – trippy as fuck, and miles about your standard, alleged psychedelic music… And the last rundown is just fucking impressive! A trippy, though introvert track… Not bad at all, but not among the best here…

#06: The Poisonous Square
“You have to wake up, there's-- What is it? What's wrong? There's something here. Do you see anything? You're probably just dreaming or some…Whoa! There is-- there is something! What the hell is that? What do you see? It's a square. It's just floating. Now there's two - it's multiplying! Maybe that's what a four-dimensional object looks like?…I hate it. It sounds wrong… It's stunning! The math of it - it's a perfect quadrangular oscillation!†I’m fortunate enough to have sampled those alleged poisonous squares – and what a fucking rush that is! Just like this track… The intro is very atmospheric and spooky as hell – seriously this is what it’s all about! Gone are the grim, introvert speculations from the previous track, and we’re left with full-power, in-ya-face psychedelia – Derango style! This track just grabs you by the balls and drags you in… Like those small paper squares! Resistance is futile… This head rush is indefeasible! Don’t fight it… just lean back and enjoy the ride! Perfect track!

#07: Lost Theory
And we’re back to reality… For a brief moment only though! This is perhaps the darkest track here, complete with razor sharp stabbing sounds, high-pitched static and even church bells! Holy fuck, just check out that sick, demented melody… Deranged yes, derailed no! This is seriously complex, multilayered and highly fragmented – forest trance 101! Gnomes, elfs, trolls, pixies – they are all over the place! Just another Saturday night in Malmø, Sweden… Kicking track!

#08: Fnatt
I dunno about Swedish, but in Danish ‘fnat’ means scabies… And yeah, I could see that… This is a rabid bitch of a track! We’re still tripping extremely hard on shrooms here, and this track has nothing on the latest Parvati Records compilation Psy Stories… A very similar style indeed! Fast-paced, experimental, wall-to-wall psychedelic hyper trance… Oh yeah, this is mesmerizing, hypnotic stuff… The light, naïve melody half-way through strikes a notable contrast to the grim, acid-ridden, underground sounds… The Derango guys are once again show-casing their immense skills and outer worldly capability of creating alien music… Sweet track!

#09: We Are All Mad Here (Rmx)
“It was as though I had been here before. I mean, we all have moments of déjà vu but this was ridiculous!†All good things must come to an end – including Derango’s debut album… AFAIK this is a remix to an older tune. Sadly I haven’t heard it, so I can’t really tell you what was changed for this remix… Anyway, this is classic Derango right there – instantly trippy and pretty damn scary! The eerie Jack Nicholson sample from The Shining isn’t exactly making it less scary – oh yes, this is eerie, haunting, spooky stuff… Still very trippy, but with the added spook spice… Boo fucking hoo! I like the tribal drum action going on half-way through… Who would have thought? Another fine track that sadly ends this album…

The ground disappeared from beneath
And all that was solid is air
I tumbled end over end into my nature
And darkness appeared from below
Carrying voices of query, voices of theory
Dark voices, near me
All around and reason is drowned
By the sound of clamour
The pound of the hammer
Is confusion, illusion?
Plunged into shadows and mist
I catch my breath, frightened
But I will not face death still unenlightened!

Welcome to the wonderful world of advanced forest music! Yeah, that Penny Shaw poem seemed just about right when trying to describe the feeling you get from listening to this magnificent album… This kicks the shit out of most I’ve heard this year and is definitely a strong contender for forest trance album of the year… Derango has their very own style, and they stay true to that throughout this album – but still leave room for experimentation… Yeah, this album never gets dull and unlike other off-key albums, I can actually listen to this again and again in one sitting... Or standing… Or trip!

There isn’t a single bad track here – they all stand out in one way or the other… I like pretty much every single minute here, and I’m so relieved that this is something as rare as an album that actually lives up to the hype… The expectations were sky high, but they were met! This is such a mature album – maybe not easily accessible, but eventually rewarding… It’s nothing short of a blast! The cover art by Emil Wennborn is in perfect harmony with the actual music, and all in all this is worth every single penny…

I give this album my warmest recommendations… Fans of highly psychedelic, eclectic forest trance needs to own this album… That’s an order! Get it before it’s deemed illegal! …Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 2(!), 3(!), 4(!), 6(!!), 7, 8, 9


External links:
Inpsyde Media:
Juno: (obviously the wrong cover art…)


marathon solo-sessionahoy
I'm not normally a massive fan of dark-psy but those samples sound truly sick. I shall have to come out my psy-purchasing hiatus methinks..


Yeah seems like a rocking!

Forest flavor!


Artist: Derango

Album: Tumult

Label: Inpsyde Media

Year: 2005

Format: CD

1. Deranged [147 BPM]
2. Confusion Is Next [148]
3. Made Out of Vapour [149]
4. Masterdamnit [150]
5. All Channels Open [148]
6. The Poisonous Square [148]
7. Lost Theory [148]
8. Fnatt [146]
9. We're All Mad Here (Rmx) [145]

What's this about

At the end of the day the Eriksson boys are just a bunch of romantics. Literally, the whole idea of let's get back to nature... in a radioactive-green, cold and mossy forest, lost somewhere in Sweden. The great majority of the sane world might not call it an ideal vacation spot.

In retrospect, they popped my third eye out! The album is tall-glass of effects and samples spilling out synth's with a degree of alchemy. An aural overload with all the finesse of a blind hairdresser equipped with a broad-sword. The simplest breakdown I can give you: accompaniment for a really shibby dew, descending down the rabbit-hole by the tree.

Per-song break-down

1. Deranged *
Deranged is a month's worth of shock-treat packed in 9 minutes. The only thing that makes sense here is the twisted-short pads lifting off into unknown directions. It stars slow with a nice set of stick and drum action, running through Halloween-time tonal adventures. It Kindly takes your hand through the journey of mirrors past the point of no return.

2. Confusion Is Next *
Serious chin rubbing stupefaction of striking mystique. Infinitely lost in eight minutes of baffling lines, rumbling, bubbling and whirling on top of a very chaotic panorama. Loaded with all the goodness necessary to startle even the most experienced travelers. Dancing or pondering you will find yourself most entertained.

3. Made Out of Vapour
You are made out of vapor mostly… never… so this is obviously a very abstract concept. Bee's and exhalations jiggle the speakers escorting the vapour samples from left to right. Rhythms change constantly through an equally transient shrilling of liquefied effects and gated melodies announcing, its sudden demise.

4. Masterdamnit *
Besides having the coolest name ever, the mega curse is lovingly dedicated to the merry-prankster for spiking your drink... god knows how long ago. The bell-hook by the start is great, hinting a steady builder with all the craftmanship they have shown in the past. It's not only the bass gaining speed, but the surroundings progressing through waves of hypnotism escalating in intensity, unfolding like a rug that gets thicker by the yard. An overflow of fractal textures, unsound and tasty by all measures, especially by the end.

5. All Channels Open *
The fifth chapter is oddly enough a quick return to more wispy melodic teases, chanting bits and galloping pounders, before it dissolves in your ears. The pace slows down a bit by the mid section, reaching new peaks of random tonal abstractions.

6. The Poisonous Square *
The kick does a crescendo in a thick layer of reverbs, as the voices are consumed in effects before it gets going. Once it does everything is delayed in fizzy chirps of sonic mist, clouding the speakers with haunting melodies. It hooks carrying through all the eeriness of the green forest, in the front-cover of the album. It's great, makes me feel all warm inside...

7. Lost Theory
Besides a beat it's mostly bells, bird chirps, and the other million-and-one layers of interaction, crammed together like sardines in a can. Languidly twisting and bouncing in its own juice, shaking their tails to the metal-tin surface... trying to escape from the hole they got themselves into.

8. Fnatt *
The beat is paced with that unhinged groove factor swelling in the kicks, amongst the virtuoso dissonance, that personally sets them apart from the rest. There is a higher portion of pads with a very unique Derango quality like is the norm here. Bubbling squelches reach higher proportions. It takes a few sharp woobly edge's but it carries through.

9. We're All Mad Here (Rmx)*
The drumalism returns with those slinky grooves I enjoy so much… slower, paced and well trippy. The ability for tuning and piling artifices that zoom, quack, bubble, splat, slam, sputter and Derango knows what else... flows down in random order reaching magnanimous proportions. It seems there is a method to their madness. They got the idea in previous tracks balancing the crazy factor and it works on this one.

* Favourites.*

All and all
As far as i'm concerned they delivered the goods. I don't think two tracks sound alike here and its clear the boys have cooked up their very own unique style, but I beleive the progression of their sound has not reached the peak yet. Confidence is high.

Overall this is in deed a Tumult of electric forest, Jens and Ola decided to pile on nine tracks to redefine the concept of dementia. All music has its place and time, so if you're having trouble placing Derango in your schedule, is best to simply let it go. If you have grown tired of everything else and yearn for a beating, tune in your psychelic intuition because it gets wild. If these qualities bring a smile to your face instead of the cringes, then welcome home…

Where to Get:

* ( I tried the more than one * per song, but it dosen't really look consistent with previous reviews, and i don't really feel like going back and revising them, so i'm giving up the idea... )


Socrates... 40 fags a day
Superb album , all the tracks are excellent and there is so much depth to each of them,this is how full on psytrance should sound.


i really like this :Smile3: very Big Bass! BAM!
however, i played it at a free party last weekend and it kinda scared a few people / they not like it, so be careful where you play it, it is an aquired taste and a bit out there for psy novices, but awesome for the more mature, experienced dancefloor who have been through phases of psy and understand the styles! :Smile3:


Adverse camber
The review I wrote for Revolve Mag:

'Tumult' - Derango
Inpsyde Media

After finding their feet over the last couple of years with scattered releases on some of the scene's harder labels (Parvati, Stone Age, Trishula), Derango's debut 'Tumult,' arrives on Italian label Inpsyde Media. Always a little leftfield, even in the genre they associate with, Derango have honed their sound into something individual and gargantuan. With an emphasis on outdoor listening, this Swedish act's self proclaimed 'forest trance' requires the space and organic backdrop of the great outdoors to fully breathe. Compositions are at first dense and complicated, a claustrophobic onslaught of layers and spiraling digital splashes that unpack themselves on repeated listening into something expansive and intelligent - a psychedelic playground of sound that, in its intensity and scope pushes the envelope with a complete disregard for formula. Highlights are hard to pinpoint - the quality is consistent as each tune lumbers off in different directions. A breath of woody, fungal-fucked forest freshness. Unlike anything. I'm off to Sweden.


Man that is such a brilliant release!

Individualistic, exploring and seriously mind boggling!

I second to that bass john! And them noises spot on

Best artist night trance cd since Parasense back in 2003 I reckon



mr_faster said:
i really like this :Smile3: very Big Bass! BAM!
however, i played it at a free party last weekend and it kinda scared a few people / they not like it

however, i played it at the end of the last BBD party and everyone lapped it up! YUMMY!

once people are warmed up, they like it!

SofiaXaidaki said:
Best album of the year!

Definitely for me. It all gets rather intense at times but this is something a bit different and it'll be a fucking crime if these tracks don't get rinsed at every outdoor party this summer...


Forum Member
one of a kind album! to be consumed with at least 1/2 of a drop.