Destan - Zodiac Records - Various Artists

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Here's my first attempt at a review. I'm sure you'll agree that I can easily hold my own against the behemoths of the reviewing world like Damion and Deathposture.

For my subject matter I have chosen a compilation that I accidentally ordered the other day. Destan on Zodiac Records.

So, on with the review:

What fucking year are we in again? Sounds like 1997 to me. Big up da oldschool.

(I've only listened to the first 3 1/2 tracks though)


Please feel free to review this review.


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agreed, but track 5 is fucking heavy by Acupuncture. Dunno what that vocal says in it tho. Like a Duloo Dugwon.

Yeah i like this, fuck i need to put this bad boy on!