DIGITAL SHAMAN COMING ON 10 FEB..Next Month...........Psybertribe records

Gorump Peyya

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Well first up with a release date of feb 10th 2006:Smile3:.....



1. Vegetal-Molotov Polotics
2. Phobium-Hatz is on
3. Bodhisattva 13:20-Crystal Database
4. Jellyheadz-John Wayne(Methadone RMX)
5. The Galactic Brain-Unconciuos Whispering
6. Baphomet Engine-Mainhead
7.Gidra-Digital Shaman
8. Kryptum-Mutpyrk
9. Crying Orc-My Kippi Shoes
10.Zoolog-Axis of evil muff (Rmx)

SO it's finally in Japan getting pressed:Smile3:YAAAAAAY!!!
1000 copies with a Release date of Feb 10th, 2006.4 minute Samples are now up and available at

and will soon be up in the ABOUT section of the label web site:Smile3:

Please feel free to give honest feedback.It helps.The Release will be available through and also sold here at stores in the bay area.You will also be able to pick them up through the label website via paypal very soon as well.

Please keep in mind that this label caters mostly to experimental dance music,sounds and dance formulas still rooting in the mind.All tracks are carefully selected to give you a new experience into the many areas of the unknown.

"A Journey with a thousand Miles must begin with one step"

Nik Pastor
PsyberTribe Records