Digital Shaman: PsyberTribe Records: Feb. 2006


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Digital Shaman: PsyberTribe Records

Coming In February!!!

PsyberTribe Records is thrilled to present their debut release: Digital Shaman.

Thick atmospheres composed of driving bass and digital, light-filled alchemy wrap around your entire being and transport you to invisible realms… Digital Shaman is a ground-breaking nighttime treat of dark, twisted, psychedelic audio experimentation!

Grab your rattle, drum and sacred objects, let go of everything you’ve known before, and traverse the Axis Mundi to the undulations of digital shamans: Baphomet Engine, Jellyheadz, Vegetal, Gidra, The Galactic Brain, Phobium, Bodhisattva 13:20, Zoolog, Crying Orc and Kryptum. Full of power, magic and hallucinatory properties; sure to cause ecstatic dance and creative communal exploration!

Journey between worlds, commune with spirits and ask for assistance, because you’re going to need it!
Located in San Francisco, CA, PsyberTribe is a tribe of energetic, psychedelic artists committed to creating sacred spaces and intense ritual dance ceremonies. PsyberTribe promotes sensory exploration, visionary communal creation and trance dance therapy!

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:::Track Listing:::

Bodhisattva 13:20 - Crystal Database (RMX)
Phobium- Hatz Is On
Vegetal - Molotov Politics
Jellyheadz - John Wayne(Metadone RMX)
The Galactic Brain - Unconcious whispering
Baphomet Engine - Mainhead
Gidra - Digital Shaman
Kryptum - Mutpyrk
Crying Orc - My Kippi Shoes
Zoolog - Axis of evil muffs (Rmx)


Chromatone (Vaporvent/Spun Rec)


Saiko Sounds


Nikon ( and Dr.Spook (

All Profits go to the artists and upcoming releases from PsyberTribe Records.

For more information, or to send us your demo, contact:

Welcome to the PsyberTribe Experience!

Much Love To You All!

Full Lotus

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