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fractalated Apr 15, 2004

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    this is phat. nuff said.

    review to follow. ...........(maybe)


    ok - think neo-ish full on but really, really pounding. there is the odd bassline from the preset department of GMS/Tip.World Inc. (formerly McBassline Holdings) but the tune writing far exceeds bolted together components.

    the production is spot on - crunchy and twisted and just distorted enough to give it that ruff-as-a-vomit-fractal nastiness :Smile3: harsh in places, but never over cooked - it never descends into unchoreographed synth mayhem, every perfectly formed element is there for a reason and kept running tightly together in a rough diamond tipped way...

    Digital Talk clearly know their way around their hardware and deploy all the sonic engineering abilities at their command to produce a very fine album of banging tunage.


  2. damion

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    what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
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    Aalborg, Denmark
    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Digital Talk – New Age Surf</span>


    Format: CD
    Artist: Digital Talk
    Title: New Age Surf
    Label: Acidance Records, Greece
    Cat. #: ACIDCD010
    Year: 2004

    Track listing:

    01. 07’57†Abyss
    02. 08’30†Akara
    03. 07’56†La Bicicleta
    04. 09’39†Fix the FX
    05. 08’33†Race Trouble
    06. 08’19†New Age Surf
    07. 07’19†Scruffy Connection
    08. 07’16†Mind Hunters
    09. 05’24†Party People


    Halloween trance!

    Finally Paris-based trance duo Digital Talk (Luc & Julien of former Droidsect fame) is out with their debut album … Released by Greek label Acidance, renowned for darker releases and with album mastering by “horror trance godfather†Xenomorph, the basis for some spooky horror trance should be laid down…

    Let me take you thru the tracks…

    #01: We launch straight into… Da-da-da-da… The Abyss! Quickly the listener is introduced to the dark, distorted, mental, horror-trance sound that is present throughout the album… Also Digital Talk elegantly showcases their outstanding production quality… Spotless, crystal clear, sounds – it’s a pleasure to listen to! I particularly enjoy the second, most full on half of this track… Sweet track!

    #02: This track is slightly darker, more monotonous and more introvert… The baseline is slightly tedious, though there are small variations… There are interesting bits, especially the bleeps but they kinda drown in the cloned bass… Decent track!

    #03: What does the Spanish word for bicycle has to do with time travel? Listen to this track and you’ll be even more confused! This track is dark and gritty, but again the baseline is a bit tedious and at times it’s as if it lacks direction… Ok track!

    #04: Now things are picking up again…We are treated with more variation now… Mad, extreme, intense, intoxicating, crazy, spooky – this track is all that and more… Make sure you have the proper audio equipment - the bass in this is one is HUGE! ;o) The last 4 minutes are just pure bliss… Extremely twisted and psychedelic, this is so tasty! Kick ass track!

    #05: Together with #7, this is the fastest track here and I’m a sucker for good old fast-paced full on… Complete with dark Darth Vader-like distorted vocals, this baby will fit right into any decent set of dark night trance. Stellar track!

    #06: Very neat swooshing FX in the intro of this title track… Intelligent use of stereo… Steady, dark bass line all the way through with jolly bouncing melodies sprayed on top… Though slightly more variation wouldn’t have hurt… Nice track!

    #07: Another extremely fast-paced tune… The horror atmosphere is very much intact… Very trippy, very dark… Those weird, pitched up alien-baby voices in the second half of the track freaks me out! I fear to watch, yet I cannot look away… Smooth track!

    #08: Weird old zombie-lazy baseline combined with dark, twisted psychedelia and voice samples from some horror-flick… Again the production is crystal clear – sonic wizardry at its best! Cool track!

    #09: Well, I’ll be dammed, if this isn’t even darker than the rest… Despite a bpm of only 72! Be prepared for this one – extremely scary stuff… If this was a movie, I’d be covering my eyes by now… What the fuck is this - horror ambient? Whatever the hell it is, I’m sold… This is so unbelievably well crafted! I could not have wished for a better track to finish off the album… Amazing track!

    You’ll definitely have to been in the mood for this… You’ll have to dig the darker sides of full on psytrance to appreciate this… Critics will dub this boring and predictable – more than a few tracks have almost the same baseline throughout the album. However, there is variation on a subtle level… You’ll just have to dig deeper to find it… The engineer work is flawless… These boys sure know their way around a studio – and I’m sure Xenomorph’s presence didn’t impede the process of creating this murky piece… If you’re looking for tunes for your next Halloween set, give this one a try!


    Favourites: 1, 4(!!), 5(!), 9(!!!)


    External links:
    Digital Talk:
    Acidance Records: (Sound clips available!)
    Saiko Sounds:
    Chaos Unlimited:
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    Fell asleep on Beula's porch
    Just picked this up in the post, and damn if it hasn't made my day!

    Well here is a quick review for you, if you are interested.

    This is properly psychedelic trance. Non of this namby pamby wafting around prevelant in so many CD's today. It's dark, dark, dark, all the way. Full power assults on the senses. Stretchy mal-odd-ies Properly punchy basses and slappy kicks abound. I mean everything is psychedelic on this CD. It's positively dripping. so the tracks...

    1)Abyss - No messing about here. Straight into the nastiness. Ripping growls, Hisses. CRAZED melodies. and tappy rythyms create a funky pummeler. This track saunters along at 145bpm. Add the typical Acid Dance disjointed moments of effect mashing, and ooer. An amazing sense of progression throughout the track, it's almost intelligent!

    2)Akara - Darker (?) vibe. Scary voices, and volume tricks abound here. Properly twisted up shit. This guys leads are ammmmmaaaaazing. Properly danceable bass. He has these nasty pad noises that go up in pitch over time, and really, really get the anticipation going, but no, he's just playing with you... And he really has those twisting inside out moments down.

    3)La Bicileta - Moving deeper into the zone somehow. Great for mixes i would suspect. Good samples, very odd, and quite instructional! More really squelchy leads hopping all over the place. Dancefloor destruction!

    4)Fix The FX - Another marching anthem. Very rythmical workout here. Breaksdown after various shennanigans of the extremely psychedelic variety in a disturbingly odd way. Oh, and it has a BIG tune too, which is very very teasingly pulled away from you... but you get something else instead

    5)Race Trouble - 148bpm!!! This guy isn't holding back! Great Sample again at the beginning. And what a fat bass! I mean really, really dirty and low. More of his scratchomatic melodies here, very rythmic and acidic. Oh yeah, the breaks are weeeeiiird. Completely turned my head inside out. 'The legion has returned to consume this world, and this time, your troublesome race will not stop us'. Nice.

    6)New Age Surf - One of the best tracks on here. Destined to be played everywhere i suspect. Equal parts dry/rattly to fat/hard.I'm not sure i can really justify this in words... Just go and check it out at chaos or psy-shop. This is REALLY good! oh and completely round the twist as well.

    7)Scruffy Connection - Another really good track. Has an amazing twist, that would just mess people up on the dance floor, you can almost see people staggering backwards, and then dancing like a bastard.

    8)Mind Hunters - Ooof. Why change a winning formula? More of the same, and certainly worth the wait, the last of the full on stuff. If you read the above, you know what you are in for. Funky brain melting super psycho-delic trance.

    9)Party People - Just coz it's slow doesn't mean you can relax! There is a really sinister feeling to the last track. I like this track, manages to maintain the overall evilness, but still be more chilled out. Job well done.

    For sure, music suited to demented grins. I note with interest, that this guy is one half of the sadly defunct Droidsect. And it mastered by Xenomorph. Production quality is through the roof, ideas are well, unbelievable. What more do you want. Go and buy it. NOW!
  5. andrew

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    I just did - can't wait to hear it :Smile3:

  6. SlinKer

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    North London
    Its my second favorite album this year yet after Rinkadink's of course!
    Punchy kicks and stomping basslines with lots and lots of mad FX, i fuckin love it.
    :jump: :partysmi: :party2:
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    Hmmm, not quite as keen as other reviewers on this one. I feel some of the tracks lack imagination in their structure and choice of fx. 7/10
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