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Disco Patrick

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Fancy some breakbeat at your party?

As I said in my intro, I play all kindsa breaks from bouncy funky stuff to stompy techy stuff.

Please get in touch with a PM.

A mix of uplifting and funky breakbeat is available to listen to from the following links:

High bandwidth

Low bandwidth

A demo of more progressive techy stuff will be available soon.



locus solus
checked the mix out, well phatio! :Grin:

not really a fan of breaks either, nice n bouncy though, with the exception of that missy elliot thing. eeeeurk :Wink3:


Disco Patrick

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Thanks for checking it out and so glad you liked it :Smile3:

I'm quite fond of mainstream tunes that get the bootleg phatness treatment. I have a few... It's nice to hear them corrupted...!!!

The tune behind that Missy Elliot vocal is great in it's own right... JDS - "Punk or Funk".
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