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Diss Master Records is a Japan-based Electronic Dance Music Record Company, specializing in releasing the latest cutting-edge music, and helping artists on their journey to success. The Label was founded by Deon, a South African music producer also known by his original Artist name, Damage. Those who know him well, calls him the Diss Master!

Originally founded in Mexico, Terror Lab Industries is now completely functioning as a Sub-Label of Diss Master Records, where the fast-paced environment of Japan is credited for its success thus far.

“I had the idea to start a label,because I got frustrated hearing stories of labels not treating artists the way they are supposed to be treated,” Deon said. “The music industry is in trouble and this is adding to the problem.”

Currently, Diss Master Records focuses on Psy-trance, Electro house, Techno, and more to their roster. Deon cites The Prodigy, Knife Party, Deadmau5, Mind Vortex, Skazi, Infected Mushroom, Far Too Loud, Zomboy and more as the label’s main musical influences.

In the future, Diss Master records hopes to grow as a business and become a desired label, making artists and innovation their first priority. “We want artists and DJs to feel like there is hope for their music careers,” Deon said. “We want to support their passion and dreams”



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