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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
psyreviews nonsense smells like:

Distortion Orchestra
Relativity Records (UK)

A brand new label with a brand new release… which has been selling like hotcakes so get in there quickly; chaosunlimited.co.uk are the official distributors. What it is then, this album and that, is at once hilarious, menacing, danceable, terrifying and shitkicking. The production’s refreshingly lo-fi… the sounds still have great definition, and the movement’s spacious and VERY 3-D, but there’s none of the glassy sheen that seems to be on everything else right now. It works. Life On Earth sets the tone perfectly, with subtle melodies, knees-up guitar stabs… moody without being grating and with a hell of a nice atmosphere. Sidewinder darkens things a tad, a delightfully mechanical break giving way to ten tonnes of twist. Vitaminfreak is sound as a pound spinning round on the ground, thunking bass while noises spiral everywhere; building and building till a riff literally explodes out of the top. Steely Glint is wonderfully uber-analogue, t he bassline’s as playful as playful gets, there’s heaps of twists and turns till it gets to the break, and as for the drop: massive. Dancefloor destruction, yet still the bpm’s are kept snug. Dementia is an instant winner, with what sounds like one noise chasing another around and around the room. Fucked up sounds abound, the break is once again utterly delightful, then things once again get twisted without mashing half a dozen house bricks against the side of your skull. Oxygen Hunter takes things a little darker, twisted and shifting… it’s all going a bit fear and loathing… it’ll loosen bowels on the dancefloor, will this one. The Brain Chicane gets faster, and more frantic, a proper mushrooms-chasing-you kinda affair, and Quantum Mechanic hangs together like a dream… And finally, on Bonkers Over-Ride, things are utterly melted; discorg reigns, then the beats cut out to a rather beautiful breakdown… then off into utter maelstrom again. The effect is rather like waking up and mainlining 2CB while flicking on breakfast telly. I maybe wouldn’t leave Distortion Orchestra alone with my children, but one thing I do know is that this album’s the utter, utter, utter dog’s f*ing bollocks.

Four glasses of soy milk and a lifetime’s supply of flapjacks

Said it before and I'll say it again...

Distortion Orchestra rocks hard!

:speaker: :speaker: :speaker:

How can you fit that much bonkers into one cd?


Damion, you're so right about not letting him near the kids too... unless you don't want them to come back.

lordy yes! if this is the album i fink it is.... which i fink it is.... :P then i heard it last night & it stood out to me as one of those culprit-about-the-dancefloor wiv menacing expressions looking at fellow menacing culprits & finger-waggling to the nodding of 'indeed'.