DJ Brij warm-up set, recorded @ 'Baraka presents Liquid Records 110206'


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I played the warm-up set at 'Baraka presents Liquid Records' a couple of weeks ago.
The set was 2 hours, but I have stopped the recording at the first 'proper' beat. It starts off ambient and slowly works its way up to 125 bpm.
There were only a few people on the dancefloor for the first hour or so, but there was plenty of heads nodding around the club. Then the dancefloor gradually filled up over the next hour.

Enjoy Feedback greatly appreciated

I don't have a tracklist yet, but artists include OTT, total eclipse, waterjuice, chilling matenda, human blue, logic bomb and many others.


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And here is the tracklist .......... :Smile3:

1. Anahata - Shakti ( v/a natural born chillers)
2. Bluetech - Oleander (elementary particles)
3. OTT - jack's cheese and bread snack (blumenkraft)
4. Oforia - Private Moon ( v/a life is dimensions)
5. Chilling Matenda - little things (chilling matenda)
6. Human Blue - Riddle Rhythm (discovery channel)
7. Logic bomb - Normalised (v/a siesta)
8. Quantum - Eternal source (v/a life is dimensions)
9. Alien Project vs. Astrix- Crystal Skulls (long version) (v/a siesta)
10. Oliloqui - Backline (v/a Spiritzone Best of 100)
11. Richmal Crompton - Just William
12. Total eclipse - nakano's ghost (v/a spiritual worlds)
13. Waterjuice - Steam (melbaphonics)
14. Younger brother - scanner (a flock of beeps)
15. Total Eclipse - Dorset Perception (sphongle remixed)
16 Waterjuice - Fresh Squeeze (melbaphonics)
17. Tristan - My Head Feels Lika A Frisbee (sphongle remixed)