Top 10 Dj Clown December 2006 (Jester Records)


Jester / Alien Crew
Well, i think this is one of my first ever Top 10 lists.. maybe not, but i'm not the type to do this often.. These tracks are the one's that i really enjoy at this moment..

DJ Clown Top 10 list hosted by JESTER RECORDS !

1. Dj Preach - Oxygen Enhanced (Jester unrl)
2. POTS - Trance Popper (Tribal Vision)
3. Sound Field - No Roots (Oxygen Records)
4. Spirallianz - No Talk (Jester unrl)
5. Authentik - Klush Kingdom (Jester unrl)
6. Midi Miliz - Secret Dynasty (Columbia)
7. X-dream - Virus (G+)
8. The Delta - HeroFx (Metalogic Remix) (Boshke)
9. Wizzy Noise - Opus Drive (Exposure)
10. Holeg Spies feat. BAKXIII - Lost In Darkness- (Fuzzion RMX) (boshke)

enjoy !!


Junior Members
nice to see lots of jester tunes in your top
knowing that it is more than just promotion, i am now looking forward to the new release even more than before
and i simply have to get that pots album now after all this praise