Top 10 DJ Marcello V.O.R (2hi / Neurobiotic Rec. ) Winter Tops!!


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Kentish Town, London
Here are some of my favorites lately... hope you guys enjoy as much as I do!!

See you on the dancefloor!

01- Vibra - Level Up (Unr.) [amazing morning tune from Dan... dancefloor filler! Vibra's new stuff is just getting better and better and better... wow wow wow]
02- 2hi - Bad Ass (Proton Rec. Unr.) [from Proton Records Debut compilation coming out really soon!! good luck Bishop and Proton Crew!]
03- Joti Sidhu - Signals (rmx) (Neurobiotic Unr.) [from Joti's upcoming album Punktuator, out in december, blasting tune... just love this style]
04- X-Noise vs Intelabeam - Something New (Neurobiotic Unr.) [From our upcoming Neurology compilation compiled by the boss himself hehehe... good job guys! Love the voice samples!]
05- 2hi - Chemical Systems (Unr.) [Tech-trance feeling on this industrial dirty bombastic track... can you handle it?]
06- Spectrum - Respectrum (Unr.) [Perplex joins Dede on this groovy funky killer tune... new Spectrum stuff is just awesome!]
07- Vibra - Data Overdrive (Unr.) [Once again Dan, the Killer, proves why he's one of the most talented and avant gard producers around... can't stop playing it!! The crowd just go mad]
08- Burning Style - My Name is You (rmx) (MP Rec. Unr.) [Wow, wow, wow... MP Rec. releases are always a big surprise, the upcoming compilation will be no different... smashing tune on a smashing compilation]
09- Joti Sidhu - Situation (Neurobiotic Unr.) [Another bomb from Mr Sidhu... quite funky bassline with serious acid leads... booom]
10- Panick - To Convert (Unr.) [groovy serious and blasting... Panick's one of my favorite acts form Israel now... no bullshit, just straight to the point!]



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Inside the Bristle Marshmallow
cool tops.... especially interested in the Panick, one of my fav releases from last year, anyone know when he's gonna release something next?


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Whoa :?

Nice collaboration with Vibra there marchello :Smile3: heard some of the samples yesterday. This selection looks spot on, we're in for a real treat. Keep up the good work