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Kentish Town, London
01 - 2hi - Bad Ass (Proton Rec. unr)
(2hi is me and Vibra, also from Neurobiotic and we have some releases coming out... this will be on DJ Bishop's label debut compilation... groovy, serious and fresh)

02 - Vibra - Blockbuster (unr)
(Dan blast da block with this explosive tune... tech-trance full on at it's best)

03 - Aphid Moon + Kristian - K9 (unr)
(Jules and Kristian bring back the vibes from the old days with this tb induced morning killer... just love it!)

04 - Joti Sidhu + Altom - Atropa (Neurobiotic Rec. unr)
(Wow wow wow... from Neurobiotic upcoming compilaiton, this colaboration is just perfect... 2 of my favorite acts making da serious stuff!!! Way to go guys!)

05 - 2hi - Pollen (Pukka Music unr)
(From DJ Vlado's debut compilation coming out on October... a must have, with Silicon Sound, Eskimo, Point, Alternative Control... gotta Listen to it Loud!!!)

06 - AMD - Don't Look in There (Alchemy(?) unr)
(Dick Trevor and Jules together... what else can we expect from this amazing duo?? This is what I call the future sound of London lol!)

07 - E-Jekt - Good Old Days (unr)
(Nir prooves once again why he is one of the world's most talented producers... groovy and blasting!)

08 - 2hi - Evil Stuff (unr)
(Proper night time full on madness with an electro-techno feeling)

09 - Vibra - Turbocharged (unr)
('cause we're on a mission from god!!)

10 - Timelock - Funk-o-Tronic (Ajuca unr.)
(fun-keeeeey! Watch out for upcoming Ajuca releases... serious stuff!)

bonus track: Dan Costa - 2Nite
(Vibra goes glammy with his house project... gotta shake ur money maker babe!)

Hope you guys have a nice day and comments are welcomed!!!

all the best,