Top 10 DJ MARCHELLO - CIMI @ETNICANET REC top 10 January 2005

this is my top ten for this freezy january but it's not in order of importance

1 Black and White - Place of home

2 Enterprise - Orange

3 Wrecked Machines - Echogroove

4 Xerox+Illumination - Bass Tribe

5 Intelabeam - Be Somebody

6 Polaris - Baculejo

7 Psysex - Brewer Power

8 Orion - Universal Ping Pong

9 Dickster - Little World

10 X-Noise - As a Child RMX

:smokingr: :smokingr: :smokingr: :smokingr:


Yup, that would do it...


Direct DJ
Ohh Yes

Phat Tops

Intelabeam track is well made, structured and with a bit of space in there.
Universal Ping Pong is a fav too.

Wanna hear Enterprise Orange, and a as a child remix... X noize are good stuff nice and spacey.


Travel Agent
Top stuff...would love to hear the new B&W, WM and Polaris. As a child RMX is incredible, a real last-tune-of-the-nite methinks.

Forza Cimi! :drinking: