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Hey guys!
I'm a new member in this forum, Looks great!
I do some mixing, but my "beringher" does not give me what i need :Sad:
I'm desperately looking for a Pioneer Mixer, Preferaly djm 500, or a djm 600 for a reasonable price.
If anyone know where i can get one or if you decide to sell yours, please let me know.
Would really appriciate any news :Smile3:
Some advice m8 don't buy a pioneer mixer the eq's are shite!. The mixer you want is either an Allen & Heath zone 62 or the Zone 92. I had a Pioneer 500 and when I got the Zone 62 I really could not believe the difference in the quality of the Eq's, so responsive. You can actually hear everything you actually do within your mix where with the 500/600's you really do not get to hear the certain frequencies while mixing. In the long run you'll understand the concepts behind certain frequencies within various tunes thus improving the style and the way you mix, you'd be both wasting your money and time with a pioneer, it took me at least 4 months to understand the A&H and i'm still finding nu shit out each day belive me for the extra cash you will not go wrong, you must have one, it's a bit strange at the start but you'll find anything else cheap and not up to the task after you've used the A&H, hope I have not pissed you off but It's all very true, don'nt waste your money m8, good luck. :Grin: :Grin: :Grin:
As well with psy trance and those long mixes the A&H is so important it really does make mixing a pleasure to hear rather than weak feeble moanings of the pioneer. :Grin: :Grin:
Yes! some people really don't realise it is extremely important to have a strong mixer when doing your job, you need this to get the best from what you can achieve at that time, cool. :Grin: :Grin:
in which case, does anybody want to buy a DJM500? :P
peh it's fucked really -- the kills are buggered and it needs a new headphone jack.
i might get it repaired, but it used to be a club mixer for some prog house place in london, i'm thinking about bunging it on ebay cos some reasonably big housey names played on it. some idiot american might buy it.
The build quality of pioneer mixers is shocking (IMHO) when ever i play on someone elses theres always something broken or dodgy, ive got a second hand vestax pcv-175..solid as a rock
I know ive missed this topic by a good month but feel the need to point out i think pioneers mixers are shite too.
I use the new Beringer VMX1000 cos its got adjustable crossfader curve, really smooth faders n volumes, gains that go -32db to +12db, and enough channels for me to have two mics, two cd decks, 2 vinyl decks and laptop all in at once. The spares are quite hard to get but seem to last loads longer than other mixers ive used.
In the last four years ive gone through only one beringer DMX500, (which does still actually work but has an obsolete crossfader. My DMX1000, and VMX1000 are still both 100%mint, and i rekon thats a good testament to their build quality as i fookin rag my equipment/mixers. Only cos im not just into digital media and scratch/mix hiphop, jungle etc too, im well impressed by them. I once broke about £500 quid of vestax scratch mixer in about four mixes.... crap build.
My house mates have gone through 3 pioneers DJM 300's in the last 6-8 months. The faders dont work and its generally the shoddiest built bit of kit ive ever laid my eyes on. Had pioneer kit fuck up on me at gigs several times. Crap digital processing.
Ive had the privelege of seeing inside most of these bits of kit (as my mate used to service and distribute them), hed get a tester order off the company, take it apart to check the quality of the components and then sell/distribute them as appropriate. Its got to the stage where he completely disregards any pioneer kit because of the aparent lack of build quality. (oh, while were on a vague topic, avoid the technics cd decks for the same reson)
But this links to my general arguament on ALL pioneers equipment, including cdj1000's.... Hastily designed, cheaply built, mass produced, commercial shit.

Good luck finding some kit that suits you. I decided a long time ago that i love the layout and build quality on Beringer mixers and Gemini decks. Neither has failed me yet in years of partying. I once even got my decks and mixer WET at an outdoor party. They were working again after about half an hour drying time, and dont even glitch. (still using same decks 18 months later)... (I dare any Pioneers pioneer to argue that theyd hold upto that kind of use??????)
somebody spilt a glass of wine into the gap round the jogdial of my 800's at a drunken party one time. it still works fine, completly and absolutly fine.

i also dropped my mixer (djm300) out of a box in my hands walking back from a party, it landed face down. in a drunken stupper i went to go and pick it up not realising that i had a half empty can 'o'' beer in the sidepocket of my bag. as i turned the mixer over beer spilt down my arm straight into the mixer.

the result? one gammy sticky slider for about a month or two. it now fine since cleaning it properly. and the crosfader needed to be replaced as a result of dropping it on its face.

well. i still like my equipment. it works. but it all does have nice silver boxes to keep em safe in

i still canny get the hang of your gemini decks though N, every time ive tried to mix on em i fail. one day eh?

Ooh, me thinks the Hugoblin is on the right track. Remind me that I owe you a nice fat bifter for your prize next time we meet up. :Grin:

He's just bought a pair of Pioneer limited edition 500s. Seems a few acts were insistent that they wouldn't come to play on anything less.
my goodness me.

limited edition , ooooh

are they those bloomin massive ones that look like vcr players? or the little compact ones? anyhow pies n ears all the way :?

and a prize. yay. :smokingr:
I agree the EQ's arent perfect on the Pioneers, but as for shite quality I really dont think the 600's are. I've had mine 2 years and it still works perfectly from the day it was bought. The EQ's arent as good as my old technics one but they're certainly not bad.

I like the way I can use decent FX without the need for an additional unit which I would do on the A & H. Then watching most psy trance DJs, most dont really know quite what to do with FX. Beatmatch>Blend>Beatmatch>Blend.....

Its the 4th mixer I've bought and the one Im most happy with. Though I havent owned an A & H so maybe I could be converted.

I agree Pioneer DJM 300s are quite turd though.