Top 10 DJ Rentboy's Unreleased Tops


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
bom! tops for november!!! bom!

1. Some Israeli Guy - Generik (unrsd)
2. Some Other Israeli Guy - Cronik (unrsd)
3. Someone and Someone Else - nn (unrsd)
4. I Knocked This One Up In My Bedroom With Sesto Sento Before He Rammed Me (unrsd)
5. Just A Useless Description That Has No Bearing On The Tune Itself, Because It Doesn't Exist (unrsd)
6. Something Off Full On 7 That Some Dude On Soulseek Told Me Was Something Else And I'm Too Daft To Notice (unrsd)
7. Completely Substandard Premastered Version Of Random Tune Coming Out On Spun Next Week (unrsd)
8. Something With A Guitar In It That I Only Play Because It Gets Girls Excited (unrsd)
9. I Own A Label You Know (my label, unrsd)
10. I Get All My Unreleased Music Trading Porn With Other DJs (unrsd)

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yeah, baby, yeah! kiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaarrrr tops man, no's 8 & 10 are dance floor nukes, the rest i don't know, but will look them up on soulseek :Wink3:
5 and 10 are KILLLLLAAAAAASSS MAN .....
wow .... KILLLA tops damion
hahahahha nice one man
You mean, you don't rate;

1> Boom-tikka-boom - Balti Sidhu (vegan edit)

2> Fairy in the Dragonforest - Gay Macho Sadists (unr)

3> Gut-Rot-Riots - Revolutionary Green Runs (backdoor mix-up)

4> Erotic Poulet - Safety Correction (Is Realli tight unr)

5> Trust no Gorganzola - Tapas

6> Maradonna's tiny hand - Altom-atom Vs gAri Lineker (Sirius Issues rmx)

7> Up, up, up the wrongun' - Pissed but Poised (spun-out on bail)

8> Take the Blue Pill - 1200 millimeters (Raj's exclusive 5 for a tenner edit)

9> Hairy Kock Boxing - Frank on 'e'

10> Open the door, get on the floor - Dino Psaurus

dis are killaz ten tops borther !!

I am forwrd looking top hear thm respect bom !
God yer all like sooooo last July here's my top 10 dancefloor destroyers from then...... .....obviously they've now been replaced by far superior so unreleased tunes even the artists dont know they've written em yet selection :Wink3:
:excessiv: I got most of those!!

Also hot this week....

Jigga jigga - Semi Erection(not so hard mix)

Raja Ram Jeremy's Ballbag volume 9

Riz La - Silver Slims(roach mix)

The Bushes - Eat Knicker(trim quim rmx)

Jumping Bums - Fondle Boys(in chains melody)

Avalon Poo - Protopuncture(delhi belly rmx)

Twankers - GSM(low batt mix)



Safe Vix*,

ViX* said:
Riz La - Silver Slims(roach mix)

'Riz La' by the 'Silver Slims' is propper a burning smoke...



I got the 'Riz La' - Silver Slims [Philly re-hash]

I'll upload the MT Leaf. 196 Buds Per Millimeter. You're gonna Fly!!