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The Have, MA USA
In his mix "Funkadelic" DJ Kiva lives up to the name and produces a truly funky mind expanding journey. Voices echo encouragement in numerous parts, which maintain the trance and have a hypnotizing effect, bringing the consciousness lower and lower into euphoric levels. The connotations of unity and spiritual awakening reverberate throughout the mix as well. It’s a high-energy voyage full of playful concepts and abstractions that have a spiritualized edge.

Musically creative mixes and stylish track selection make this a must listen!

The mix airs everyday starting at 2 PM EST, and again for the rewind at 2 AM EST.
*The "Scheduler" on the main station page converts the times for your time zone.

Airing from 4/4 to 4/17.

Z I A – T R A N C E
Psychedelic Radio
Airing 24/7

Track listing:
Bakelite Satellite - Voice of Cod
Where’s my Elephant - AXXL
Sycho Babble Bullshit - Toxical
Mad Monk of Metal - Orion
One Love - Spectrum
All we have - AMD
Misnfotainment - Voice of Cod
Question and answer - Triptych
Nano Tech - Zion & Insert Silence
The Unknowns - Voice of Cod
Piano Bar - Shagma
When Dreams come true – Overlap

For more info on DJ Kiva and the Green Sector crew he works with - check out these websites: