DJ Set by Milwaukee's Granddaddy DJ now on Zia-Trance


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Milwaukee's Granddaddy DJ emerges out of the mist to deliver a psychedelic blast. Harmonies and tones delve into the soul and release the spirit. Its a dream-like flight over fractal landscapes that spiral inward and down into mystery and excitement.

Flawless-masterful mixing in conjunction with expert track selection make this a must listen!
He has been mixing dance music for roughly 32 years!

This mix is from a live performance broadcast to Phenoelit in Germany last May.
Special credit goes to his production work with Lani on their 12" Summer of Love 2005.

It airs everyday on Zia-Trance starting at 2 PM EST, and again for the rewind at 2 AM EST. You can check the scheduler on the main station page to see the times it airs in your area. It converts the times for you.

Airing from 9/13 to 9/26.

Best wishes,
Bob Trahpek

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Check out Granddaddy DJ's site for info and more:

*Please don't make assumptions when looking at his site (I did)…

As he described it, he is supporting the troops stationed there -specifically the Blue Tigers Delta Troop, 3-17 Cavalry which have emailed him saying that the only thing keeping them going is hearing his psytrance mixes on DI.FM...

It’s a personal thing for him, not political…

I for one think this is a noble gesture on his part…


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Granddaddy DJ is my cupcake pimp


Monkey Do said:
..... it's pretty much my doing that he's mixing Psytrance. .

oooooooohhhh!! [vic n bob raise handbags] get you!!