DJ Set by NYC's / Sweden's DJ Gavin now on Zia-Trance


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The Have, MA USA
In his mix, Gavin creates a fusion of genres that is unpredictable and exciting. He proves that boundaries and labels are arbitrary. It’s an excellent blend of ethereal dream motifs with funk and grind. Through non-conformity to a formula the mix pursues the idea of “unique†and broadens horizons. Its this creative flare in combination with expert mixing that makes this a must listen.

The mix airs everyday starting at 2 PM EST, and again for the rewind at 2 AM EST. You can check the Scheduler on the main station page to see the times it airs in your area. It converts the times for you.

Airing from 5/10 to 5/23.

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Bob Trahpek

Z I A – T R A N C E
Psychedelic Goa Trance
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Gavin is a DJ for Digital Structures and works for the MPDQX label group…
Once based out of NYC, he now lives in Sweden…

Check out the MPDQX website at:
for more info on Gavin and this excellent Scandinavian music association…

Email him for bookings at: