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A true master of the art of story telling through music, Kynoxe (taken from "equinox" in French) opens a tome upon the altar in his mix titled "Migration". The experience is like plugging into a digital trip down the rabbit hole. Stylish transitions with heavy synthesized melodies punctuate and blend the narrative passages. His command of showmanship and stage presence in combination with flawless mixing make this a must listen.

The mix airs everyday on Zia-Trance starting at 2 PM EST, and again for the rewind at 2 AM EST. You can check the scheduler on the main station page to see the times it airs in your area. It converts the times for you.

Airing from 4/26 to 5/09.

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Bob Trahpek

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Check out the Freak Patrol website at:
for more info on Kynoxe and his friends who put on some killer parties in Quebec City