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The Have, MA USA
"Neurotonic" by DJ Waater fusses synaptic nerves into a technological web in this auditory onslaught. It's a mad scientist's laboratory gone awry during a night of wild abandon. Megawatts of power arc from spiritual plains to the soul in a dramatic upheaval of energy and freedom.

Flawless mixing in harmony with polished track selection make this a must listen!

The mix airs everyday starting at 2 PM EST, and again for the rewind at 2 AM EST.
*The "Scheduler" on the main station page converts the times for your time zone.

Airing from 5/2 to 5/16.

Z I A – T R A N C E
Psychedelic Radio
Airing 24/7

Track listing:

1. Mino - Tripology (ajuca productions)
2. Digital Talk - Rush (apocalypse records)
3. Wizard Lizard - Holy Gramm (noise poison records)
4. Pizz Dozz - Paradozz (deja vu records)
5. Para/Halu - Creatures from the IGY (feat. King jr) (parvati records)
6. Highcosmos - Madjic L 25 (noise poison records)
7. Kindzadza - Ritm Corr (dropout productions)
8. Mussy Moody - Magnetic FX (parvati records)
9. Brain Waves - Spectral Paranoia (disco valley records)
10. Procs - Overtures from the Oven (trishula records)

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