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The Have, MA USA
In his mix “One Am by Nine†David Justin expertly crafts a hybrid of dreamscapes and grooves. Sexy rhythms glide across pulsating backgrounds in harmony with spiritual visions. It’s a blissful flight through ephemeral states into womb-like consciousness where the mother’s heartbeat can be more felt than heard. The conception of something new leads to the origin, the source, the beginning.

Velvety smooth mixing and empathetic track selection make this a must listen!
Don't miss out on this chance to hear San Francisco's progressive trance mastermind!

The mix airs everyday starting at 2 PM EDT, and again for the rewind at 2 AM EDT.
*The “Scheduler†on the main station page converts the times for your time zone.

Airing from 12/13 to 12/26.

Take care,
Bob Trahpek

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Check out the PsyBooty web site for more info on David Justin and his record label – PsyBooty Records: