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The Have, MA USA
"Future Impact" by San Francisco's DJ Sentient is astonishingly good in its captivating qualities of groove building and layered sound textures. Its progressions into and out of different styles seamlessly blend altered states of consciousness. The build into climax travels through mirror reflections of psychedelic landscapes in a virtual topographical grid of energy and emotion.

Masterful mixing is in total harmony with excellent track selection!

The mix airs everyday starting at 2 PM EDT, and again for the rewind at 2 AM EDT.
*The "Scheduler" on the main station page converts the times for your time zone.

Airing from 3/21 to 4/3.

Z I A – T R A N C E
Psychedelic Radio
Airing 24/7

Check out these web sites for more info on DJ Sentient (Synchronize/Thump Radio):

Track listing:
Future Impact (mixed on 10.18.05)
1. Intro
2. Jaia - From Tokyo
3. Orion - Peak
4. Oforia - Grounded
5. Talamasca vs. Dimitri - Abstract Energy
6. Hydrophonic - Above is Below
7. Space Cat vs. Dimitri - Techno Logic
8. Deedrah - Caipirihna Overdose Session
9. Dynamo - Dyn-E-Motion
10. Point - 9 Ball
11. Altom vs. Joti Sidhu - Atropa
12. Soundaholix - Technofari
13. GBU - Highlights (Rmx)
14. Xerox & Illumination - 7 Days (Rmx)
15. Oforia - Cosmic Man
16. PTX & E-Jekt - Obi van Knob

Upcoming show dates:
Monthly Resident - Synchronize, San Francisco, CA
Ultra Music Festival - 3/25/06 Winter Music Conference, Miami, FL