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dj VeG

d[-_-]b top 10


*01 Pop Stream "Into Orbit" [Spectrum Music]

*02 Perplex "Magical people" UnR [Utopia Rec.]

*03 Protoculture "Universo Paralelo" UnR [Turbo Trance Rec.]

*04 Beat Hackers "Nigth in Tokyo" [Agitato Rec.]

*05 Vibe Tribe Vs Toxic Toy "American pussy" [Utopia Rec.]

*06 Goma "Kalimba" [Shiva Space Technology.]

*07 Talamasca "Future Shock" UnR [Turbo Trance Rec.]

*08 Bizzare Contact "Love Simulation" [Utopia Rec.]

*09 Perplex Vs Fatali "50 Drops" UnR [Utopia Rec.]

*10 Zorba "El dorado" [Crystal Matrix Rec.]


*00 Suria "Super Dooper (Menog Rmx)" UnR

*00 Quantic Fusion "Certain Rules" UnR
____________________________________ the reviews:

1.Its one of my favourite tracks in this moment, melodic, fresh and grovy...exelent work by this young israeli talent.
2.Perplex album is very good all tracks rules.
3.Nate is now the best producer of morning music in my opinion!I´m still "refracted"hehehe keep doing the good stuff!!
4.Great track by the BeatHackers guys.Exelent syths and good bassline.
5.Wonderfull track. I love this one.
6.Melody Melody and more melody ...perfect morning music.
7.Very good grovy...nice construction..and in the end of it ... "DANCE!!!"..
8.This boys doing an exelent work. keep rocking mates.
9.The Fatali melodies make me crazy.Pure morning music.I love it.
10.Riktam & Banzi on their best project.
00.The best rmx i have heard in last times.Strong bass and kiler synth. Menog do an exelent work...keep rocking Dani.
00. keep an eye on the name .. u'll hear it a lot in the future... portuguese producers new wave morning power for the dancefloor.

i hope you like it guys.Morning Melodic Trance
Have some fun freaks!!!

by * dj VeG [Lunatic Asylum Org.] *
V.nice tops dude,

Liking Pop Stream, Protoculture, Beat Hackers, Goma, Talamasca... Big tunes for me too. :Wink3: